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Hey guys, If you are searching for a Ping Submission Sites list to increase your Google crawl speed and want to get rid of indexing problems, then you are at the right place.

Here, In this post, I will give you my personal list of Ping Submission sites that help me to index my articles within a second. And also boost my ranking because it also helps to build quality backlinks on my website and articles.

Free Ping Submission Sites List – Increase Google Crawling Speed

So let’s know about the mechanism behind Ping websites and access the png websites listed below.

The list we are providing below in the WordPress Ping Service, all the ping lists are used to fast rank our website, the website that has been given in this ping list, all the websites, and all the content and posts of your website with great speed All search engines help index. WordPress Ping list basically helps us to inform search engines of our new blog post it’s also called WordPress Ping Optimizer.

What is the role of Ping Submission in SEO?

Ping submission simply pings Google if there is any activity happening on your website whether it’s a new Article, posts, or backlinks. And when it pings to Google then Google instantly sends its crawlers on your website and crawls that new available link and indexes it in the database. 

It also helps you to increase your ranking in Google and give your website authority. Because whenever you submit any link to ping websites they will give you backlinks. And backlinks are the most important thing for off-page SEO.

If you want to become successful in online business then you have to make your online presence extensive. Competitions are getting tougher every day. You have to work hard to build a strong online presence to beat your competitors. And SEO is the best way for that. And Ping websites always help you in your SEO journey.

How do Ping Submission sites help to Increase crawling on websites?

Ping submission sites basically ping your newly created links to all search engines. The popular search engines are Google, Bing, Yahoo, Baidu, and so on. When ping websites ping to these search engines then these all search engines send crawlers instantly to your website and index your content.

Not only search engines but web directories feed websites, news websites, and aggregators also pinged by ping sites and help them to search for new content. And that sends a very strong signal to Google. And it helps your website to get indexed instantly, rank higher, and drive more organic traffic.

How to Ping on Ping Submission Sites?

This is a very simple and easy process to ping on the Ping submission site. You will get so many ping submission sites listed below in this article that are so popular and have high authority in Google. You can also find millions of ping websites online but choosing a quality website is very difficult. That’s why the below list I have created for you.

The process of ping submission is similar on all websites. You just have to copy your new article link and write your keyword and paste your article link and then submit it to this ping website. It will automatically ping all search engines and directories.

This ping submission activity is high in demand. You can do the same thing for each and every newly published article, backlink, or post. It depends on you.

  • First Access high authority ping submission site from the given list below.
  • Now open sites in Google one by one
  • Click on the signup button and fill in the required details like email, name and create an account on pin sites.
  • Now click on the ping submission button, then fill up details about the website, and link properly.
  • Now click on the Ping button. That’s all.

Steps to use this WordPress Ping list

  1. Copy the updated WordPress ping list given below.
  2. After Copying Login to your Website Admin Panel and go to setting and then writing then Update Services.
  3. Paste the copied list below under the existing URL and click Save Changes.

Here is all the WordPress Ping List service – just copy and use it

Get this Ping Submission Sites list and follow all steps which I have described above:-


































So, Friends, if you also want to increase your online presence and get a higher ranking in Google SERP then the Ping Submission Sites list is a very effective way to get better results through SEO. 

Just copy the given above links of ping sites and create profiles and ping your links to increase the crawl rate of Google. It helps you to solve your indexing problem.

Benefits Of Ping Submission Sites List

There are several benefits of ping submission sites. It makes your online presence better and brings organic traffic. Helps you to build an authoritative website and build a strong profile of backlinks that will be attractive to other users. Also helps your website to rank higher in Google and index everything on your website so quickly.

  • Instant indexing of all articles, posts, and backlinks in all search engine
  • Increase the Google crawl speed on your website
  • Increase the search engine ranking by indexing your backlinks also.
  • Improve the online presence of your website in search ranking
  • Drive millions of organic traffic to your website

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