How to Create Backlinks For New Website

Do you want to create backlinks for your New Website? Then you are at the right place. 

Backlinks are the most important part of SEO. And it comes under Off-Page SEO. It has many benefits on your website. It increases your authority and your ranking on Google. If you create quality backlinks on High Domain Authority Websites then you can easily beat your competitor and rank first on Google and drive organic traffic.

So if you also want to create backlinks and rank higher and drive traffic on your website then In this article I will give you my personal backlinks list which you can use to create backlinks on your website. 

What Are Backlinks?

If you are a beginner and don’t know about backlinks then in simple words I will tell you. It is the Process to link one web page to another page with hyperlinks.

The page which has a higher number of backlinks from other websites tends to rank higher in Google search consoles and drive organic traffic. It is just like a voting system. The pages which have higher votes rank higher.

How many types of backlinks?

There are basically three types of Backlinks. 

  • Dofollow:- The links which allow Google to crawl on another link and pass page juice to linked web pages.
  • Nofollow:- The Links which don’t allow Google to crawl and not pass link juice to linked web pages.
  • Sponsored link:- The links which give you monetary profit, google counts it in sponsored link. It doesn’t have any relation with SEO or ranking.

How to Create Backlinks for New Websites?

There are so many ways to create backlinks on your new website. 

Profile Backlinks:- You can create your profile on several high authority websites and put your website link there and get a backlink from those websites. That is called Profile backlinks.

Comment backlinks:- You can comment on other website articles and submit your website or post a link there and get backlinks from those websites that are called comment backlinks.

Image Backlink:- When you create a link on an image website that is called an image backlink. You can simply upload your image there and put your website or post links on those images and get backlinks from there.

Directory Submission Backlinks:- There are so many websites where you can submit your website details and post links and create a backlink from directory websites. Directory websites are also beneficial because they have higher authority and your website will be visible to millions of users at once.

There are So many ways to create backlinks on websites. If you want to start your new blog and Create backlinks then You can read this backlink Tutorial by Backlinko Website. It is an Awesome Tutorial to understand the Backlinks Properly.


What is the Benefit of Creating Backlinks?

The main benefit is that It gives you the authority to rank higher on Google and beat your competitor. And Once you start getting a higher ranking it means you will get millions of traffic from Google directly. And that all traffic will be organic. So that you will earn more income from your website.

If you are just starting then Google doesn’t give any preference to your website unless you have fresh and valuable content or you have higher authority backlinks. So you have to focus on both creating backlinks and producing fresh and quality content.

What is the Ninja technique to Create backlinks Fast?

The backlinks-creating technique is all over the Internet you can easily search and learn. But the secrets people are using to rank higher without investing time in creating backlinks is something different.

They used to purchase expired domains which have good quality backlinks and have higher authority and also age is more than 10 years. They buy that expired domain and then either they create a new website on that expired domain or they just do 301 redirects to their original website. So all backlinks start pointing to the new domain and their ranking increases suddenly. 

You can also purchase an expired govt domain and create a website on that and rank at the top always. And right now all new bloggers are doing that. But before buying any expired domain check all things properly. Don’t just waste money. 

So, friends, I hope you understand the value of creating quality backlinks. If you also want to create backlinks then just download the given backlink list and start creating backlinks from today.

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