10 Best Ways to Get Free Website Traffic Organically

Your website is not getting traffic and you are searching for tips to get free website traffic organically. I can understand your pain. 

Traffic is everything to be successful in any online business. You can say traffic is the breath for everyone who wants to be successful online. Every single business whether online or offline is running on traffic only. 

And I talk about websites, then a website is useless or a waste without traffic. Because traffic on your website decides your future in blogging and your earning.

But how to get this traffic easily and organically? It is a commonly asked question on Google.

Actually, there are several ways to get free traffic on websites and it is not just a one-day process. You have to work for this every single day until you start getting traffic. 

In this article, I am going to tell you the best way to get organic and free website traffic in very little time, but you have to regularly work on it then you will start seeing results. These methods will not just help you to get traffic but also increases your authority, gives you quality backlinks, and increases your branding. 

So let’s start.

Unique Ways to Get Free Organic Traffic on Website Daily

SEO is the best way to get organic website traffic from Google and rank at the top. But if you don’t know about SEO then these below-listed techniques help you to get traffic easily. But you have to work on this every single day unless you start seeing results. And I strongly recommend you invest your time and money to learn SEO which can give you benefits in the long run.

1. Web Mention

Web mentions are trending now. So many bloggers are using these techniques and earning $5000+ every month.

But, how are they using these techniques? Let me explain here clearly.

What is Web Mention?

Web Mention is the technique to transfer your one social media audience to another social media or website by just mentioning your website Name or Url. It’s like creating a bridge between a website and a social media platform. We can also call it the CTA(Call to Action) method.

Let’s Understand pointwise, which steps you have to follow:-

  1. Create a website and a youtube channel and also create Instagram and Facebook pages for that website the Name should be the same on each place to maintain your branding.
  2. Now first write a well-researched Blog post and publish it on your website.
  3. Now create a video on youtube on the same topic on which you have written an Article.
  4. Inside the video, tell people to search for that particular keyword including your website name which you have used in your article on Google. Or explain the way to access that particular article. You must include that article link in the video description.
  5. Create Instagram posts and Facebook posts and also mention your website name on the post, so that it will be easy for users to search.

The above-listed points are the way to follow the web mention technique properly.


  1. You will be visible on all platforms.
  2. People will start searching your website for detailed knowledge and once they will start searching on google your branding value will increase Google will understand that these particular things are getting searched so maybe it is valuable for users, So, Google will Increase your ranking on its first page and you will get organic traffic.
  3. You will also get so many automatic high-quality backlinks.

So, guys, we mention is a very strong technique to get free website traffic as well as increase ranking on Google. But it will work so effectively when you will be regular and post on every platform daily. 

“Success comes from daily work. It’s not a one-day goal.”

2. Blogger Outreach

Blogger Outreach is a very effective process to build a network of bloggers and audiences with the same interest. 

In simple language, reach out to those bloggers who used to publish the content in your niche and are successful and have a large audience base.

It is a very simple and effective process to get organic traffic to your website. There are a few steps you have to follow to do effective blogger outreach.

2.1 Find influential bloggers:- First, you have to find those bloggers who are influential bloggers and can share your content with their own audience on social media or mention your blog on their website. 

To find them, You can use the Alltop website, Buzzsumo, or Perform some Keyword research on Google and make a list of blogs.

2.2 Make an Email List of Bloggers:- Now after creating a huge list of websites, Your work is to find those website’s owner emails to contact them.

For that, You can use the Email Hunter Chrome extension to collect any website owner’s email. So just collect it and prepare your list. You can also collect their website DA, PA, and traffic numbers using Ahrefs or Semrush tool.

2.3 Email them and get on their Radar:- The truth is if you email anyone for the first time they are hardly going to reply. So before contacting them, you have to first follow them on social media, reply to their posts, and give them likes and very nice and valuable comments. 

After that send them an email and tell them you are a big fan of them, also attach the screenshot of your activities which you do on their account.

In an email, you can ask them “A valuable question”, or “Ask permission for a roundup post”, or “Find a Broken link on their blog and create a post and tell them to replace it with your link” and so on.

If they will give you an answer and permission then simply create a blog post and mention them in your blog and publish it. Then again send a follow-up email and send that Article link. Most of them will link you back for this and you will start getting quality backlinks and their visitors on your blog also. 

Note:- This process is very effective but first you have to learn the Blogger Outreach process and then work on this regularly. For learning Blogger Outreach, Brain Dean from Backlinko has written a definitive guide about Blogger Outreach that can teach you the step-by-step process.


Interviews are also a very effective process to drive organic traffic to your blog and build high-quality backlinks. There are so many YouTubers and bloggers who are only getting millions of views only by publishing detailed interviews of famous bloggers or new bloggers who are doing great in their field. You can also start an interview category on your website.

Follow these steps to Start Interviews on your website and get traffic:-

  1. First, reach out to Bloggers who are doing really great in their niche and ask for a Video Interview or Q&A session. 
  2. Once you have completed the Interview then Publish it on your website or Youtube.
  3. Now mention their name and website Url on your Blog. And In return, you can ask them to link back. So many bloggers link you back automatically after an interview. Everyone is a nice person in our blogger community.

Using this Interview of Blogger technique can instantly increase your website traffic and also your authority. Because you will get a very quality backlink from their website. And this is also the best method to create a connection with bloggers and build a blogger network.

4. Collaborations

Collaboration is the same feature as I explained above but a little bit different.

Here you have to find those bloggers who are popular and also you can find those who are just at your level of blogging.

After finding, Just contact or email them and ask for a link exchange. You can also ask them to write feedback about your website and you write nice feedback about their website. And mention each other in the feedback section on your website. 

This collaboration technique is also the best way to build an important and valuable network with bloggers in the same niche and help each other to grow.

5. Medium

Medium is a website or I can say a platform where everyone publishes their content to get free website traffic. Because Medium drives 161 Million visitors monthly. It also has a high authority and because of High DA, its content ranks faster on Google the first page than your website. 

All I want to say, Medium is a very effective way to get free traffic to your website but you have to follow some steps given below:-

  1. Create a free account on Medium and set up your profile.
  2. Write a Story on Medium (This story should be related to your original post on which you want to get traffic on the website.)
  3. You can also republish the same content which you have already published on your website and it has been indexed by Google. 
  4. After writing a story on medium, mention the links of your website article where you want to refer to medium traffic.
  5. The idea is to give more than 60% knowledge on medium and for more than 40% knowledge tell them to click on your website link. 

Medium is an easy and evergreen method to drive organic traffic to your website. Actually medium has a very large user database and if you start getting traffic from medium then also it is more beneficial for you.

6. Q&A Websites (Quora)

Quora is a Question-Answer platform and it also helps you to drive a decent amount of organic traffic to your website. Quora drives 557 Million visitors monthly. So you can understand the power of Quora.

If you write your answers daily and mention your article links strategically then it’s a very high probability that your answer will start ranking on Google’s first page. You have already seen that the Quora website always comes on the first page if you search for anything.

And if your answer is not ranked on Google then also quora has its own user base which is very huge. And you will start getting traffic from Quora itself. But you have to answer daily on Quora to get traffic. And don’t just answer anything, answer properly and in detail and mention your website article links also which are related to the question.

You can join several spaces and be active daily, try to answer the questions regularly, and also try to be the first one to answer any question. Then you can’t imagine how much traffic you can drive on your blog.

7. Social Media Shares

Social media shares also play an important role to increase free website traffic. Google also recommends that you make your website and its content shareable on social media and also use a social share plugin on the website. 

So the crux is, Almost everyone hangs out on social media to check feeds, take part in discussions, and post photos, videos, and other content. So it is very easy to put your content in front of them through social media sharing. And if they are the interested people who are searching for that type of content then they will instantly open your link and visit your website. It is also the best technique to increase your brand awareness.

Always create a page on every social media and whenever you publish content on your website then immediately share it on social media. Or create photos, videos, infographics, gifs, and share them on social media, and put your link there so the users can easily search that content and access it.

8. Pinterest

Pinterest is also a very effective powerful social media to drive a huge amount of free organic traffic to your website. It drives 1.10 Billion monthly Active visitors on its platform. Now you can think how powerful it is.

People basically use this platform to get ideas about content, business, trends, and products. Here you can find almost all niches but in that some niches are more popular and drive a massive amount of traffic like Recipes, crafts, health, Fitness, Travel, Home decor, Making money online, and so on.

 Pinterest drives high-quality of interested traffic from mainly the US, UK, and Tier 1 countries. Most of the users, almost 80%, are female on Pinterest.

To drive free traffic on your website from Pinterest You have to follow the below steps:-

  1. Create a business account and claim your account
  2. Now create a long Pin (1000×1500) related to your blog post.
  3. Upload it, Put the same title which you have written on the pin, and write a short description with targeted keywords.
  4. Now in the link section, put your Blog Post link and then save it in the relevant board and then publish it.

If you want to learn about Pinterest in detail then just read the article given below.

9. LinkedIn Articles

LinkedIn is the platform that all professional people used to search for jobs and make connections with other professionals and companies. Here you can also post photos and videos. But it provides the best features called LinkedIn Articles for those who want to write articles and help other people and provide knowledge through articles.

LinkedIn drives 1.40 Billion visitors on its platform. So you can understand the power of LinkedIn. And the best part, If you will write a valuable article and do some On-Page SEO then it starts ranking on Google’s First page and drives Free organic traffic.

Again the Process is the same. Write a Unique article for LinkedIn within 1000 words and it should be related to your article on which you want to drive traffic. But, Don’t copy-paste your original article. After writing, put your original links in LinkedIn articles and tell people to visit that link. Using this technique you can drive a decent amount of highly engaged and interested organic traffic from LinkedIn.

10. Email Outreach

Email Outreach is the same as Bloggers outreach which I have already discussed above. The crux is, You have to find emails of those bloggers who are popular in your niche or at the same level. Then ask some questions to answer, write a roundup post and tell them to mention, Find broken links and tell them to replace them with your link, ask them for an interview, or ask for collaboration. 

In this process, you will heavily use email. So Email Outreach is the same thing.

And other, You can do email marketing and collect your visitors’ email by giving them some freebies on your website. Slowly you will create a huge number or email list. These are your permanent visitors. So you can send them an email every time you publish your new post. And you will get instant traffic through email marketing.

You can also promote affiliate products based on your visitor’s interest through this email and start generating affiliate income.

This is also a very powerful method to build a permanent audience for the future and generate a good income through your email list. Almost every business and every influential blogger use this email marketing technique to generate affiliate income and sales on their website.


The above-listed Points help you to Get Free Website Traffic. It also helps you to increase your website’s Domain Authority, gives you quality backlinks, builds your own bloggers network, and so on. It gives you many benefits if you follow it dedicatedly.

Let me reveal your success tips here. 

You can’t work on all listed points at the same time. Choose any one technique, and work on that regularly unless you start seeing results. Once you become successful and master that technique and start getting a decent amount of traffic on your blog then go for the next technique and master that. Because You can’t target and use all techniques at the same time.

So, friends, I hope you found this article valuable and learned these amazing latest techniques to get free organic traffic to your website. 

Don’t forget to share this article on social media and if you also want to share some tips for driving free traffic then share with us in the comment box below. We are waiting for your comments. 

Thank you.

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