20 Best Chrome Extensions for Bloggers (Highly Recommended)

Are you among those bloggers who are searching for the best Google Chrome Extensions to enhance your work and productivity through a web browser? You’re most welcome here.

Blogging takes a lot of hard work, time, effort, and the right approach to grow. You can’t achieve success in one night. And there is no alternative to hard work.

But, in this digital age, we have so many tools and technologies that can help us to do smart work in less time.

If I talk about blogging then the Google Chrome browser is the backbone of every blogger. (I am sorry if you use another one). It is a widely used web browser. Almost 62% of the world’s population used it every single day.

The best part of this web browser is, it comes with lots of extensions (can say tools) which make our work simple and life easier.

So, In this article, I am going to tell you about the 20 Best Chrome Extensions. As a blogger, I personally think that every blogger must have these extensions. Because, it helps you to do smart work, save your time, increase your productivity and skyrocket your Blog growth.

Note:- If you are a new blogger and thinking about starting a new WordPress blog then read my “Step-by-step comprehensive guide to starting a profitable blog in 2020” for beginners. And if you have confused to find a niche then read this article, How to find a perfect blog niche in a simple way.

So without further delay, let’s, deep dive.

Best Google Chrome Extensions For Bloggers in Daily Use

1. SEOquake Chrome Extension

SEOquake is all in one SEO Chrome extension. You can do everything with this extension from keyword research to website audit. It helps you to find website traffic, unique visitors, Alexa rank, website authority, number of backlinks, and much more in a single popup box after clicking on its icon.

You can use this extension as a keyword research tool also. 

Let’s know, how?

Whenever you land on any website just check their full report in this tool. 

Just click on page info and you will find the competitor’s main keyword in his title and meta description

So you get the main keyword, and now you can start your keyword research based on that word, and find other related or similar keywords using the keyword planner.

Not only keyword research, but you can also do a full website audit of your competitor’s website or any page and find their mistakes and outrank them easily. I personally use this SEOquake daily before writing any article.

Install SEOQuake Extension

Alternative extension for keyword research:- 

Keyword Everywhere:- This extension has become a paid Keyword research tool, but you can still use it to extract all keywords from Google and other search engines. 

SEOStake:- SEOStake extension also helps you to extract more than 1000 keywords in a minute.

Pro Tip:- After extracting keywords you can use Google Keyword Planner or Ubersuggest tool to find monthly visits and CPC about any keywords.

2. Stay Focused

This world and our surroundings are full of distractions. According to a study, the Human attention span is decreasing gradually every year. It decreases from 12 seconds to 8 seconds in the year 2000 (thanks to our smartphone).

So it is so hard to focus on our work for a long time, because this notification and our procrastinating mindset kill so much time on other stuff like messaging on Facebook, replying to text instantly, watching NetFlix episodes, and much more.

And you and I both know these things can’t help us to grow our blog or any business, not even it can pay bills.

So here, the role of the Stay-Focused Chrome extension starts.

It’s the best tool to block you from every distracting website and save you time and increase your work efficiency.

Let’s see how it works to block us.

Make a list of all websites where you waste your valuable time and add them to this tool and set a daily limit to use it. 

After you cross the daily limit it will completely block you from all added sites till the next day. 

So if you also like procrastinating at work, then this tool helps you to increase your productivity and focus. Start using it today.

Install Stay Focused


Focus Me:- This also works the same as Stay Focused. You can use anyone, it depends on your choice.

3. Evernote web clipper

If you do extensive web research before writing your epic content then this tool is your true friend. 

You can clip anything from the internet. It gives you the option to save articles, images, infographics, and screenshots to your EverNote notebook.

You can use Evernote on all your devices and access your saved content from any time, anywhere.

Install Evernote Web Clipper

Alternative extensions:-

Save to pocket:-  This extension also does the same thing. You can save articles directly to your browser pocket account. This helps you to get rid of lots of tabs again and again while researching for content.

Read Later Fast:- This tool also does the same thing. It gives one extra feature to compare prices when you shop online.

4. Grammarly

If you also do lots of grammatical mistakes just like me while writing content then this tool just got covered our backs.

To find grammatical mistakes in our content is so embarrassing. Readers also think that you are just a rookie. And Google also doesn’t like it.

Grammarly is the best Chrome extension that helps you to write an article without any grammatical mistakes. It does not only help with articles but also helps in writing emails and social media posts. 

Grammarly is the best proofreader, and punctuation checker and it has many more features with paid options. But it’s a free extension that is enough to check your grammar and meaning errors.

Once you install this extension in your browser it checks errors and suggests a fix everywhere on the internet wherever you write anything. I highly recommend using it.

There is no alternative to this tool.

Get Grammarly

5. Awesome screenshot Extension

The awesome screenshot is the best Chrome extension for bloggers to capture a professional-looking screenshot for your blog.

This extension offers plenty of features like capturing the whole screen, a selected area, a whole page, the visible area, and much more. And it’s totally free.

It has some keyboard shortcuts like Ctrl + Shift + E (for the entire page), Ctrl + Shift + Z (for the visible part), and Ctrl + Shift + S (for selected areas). 

I always use this extension to capture all screenshots that I include in my blog.

Install Awesome Screenshot


Screenly:- This is also the best tool to capture screenshots. The best part of this tool is that it doesn’t have any shortcuts. Only click on the extension icon and choose the area which you want to capture and click enter.

FireShot and Lightshot Chrome:- These two tools also do the same thing. You can use whatever you like. It depends on you because all the tools do great work.

6. Read Aloud

After writing your content, you need to proofread it once or twice to check for any errors. If you are a lazy person in reading then Read Aloud is the superb Chrome extension for you.

Not only your written content but also other content or awesome guides on the internet that are so long to read, then just install this extension.

It converts all text into audio form (speech). It read all text for you without scrolling.

I recommend using it to save your time in reading. Because “Human listening power is much faster than reading”.

Install Read Aloud

7. Loom

If you are a youtube video creator or want to embed some videos to your blog for a better understanding of users then Loom is the best google chrome extension for you.

This tool helps you to record your full screen with facecam without any pixel loss. You can send your video to anyone through email because they have an integrated option for that.

They also have free software for PC. Their premium option has more features but the free one is enough for starting.

Install Loom


Hippo videos:- Hippo videos are also the best extension for creating videos. It has features to create, edit and share video online without any hassles. It records your voice, screen, and webcam together. You can import your video directly to google drive.

8. SEO Minion

After creating a blog post, we all suffer to do a perfect SEO to rank higher at the end. And when you are a beginner then it is a pain in your ass.

SEO minion is the awesome chrome extension to help you in On-page SEO. Other than On-Page it has some cool features, Let me list below.

  • On-Page SEO- Analyse your all H1 to H6 headings and count how many times you have used.
  • Highlight all links:- Highlight you all internal and external links.
  • Check Broken Links:- check broken links and give a detailed report about the issue.
  • Hreflang checker:- check for return tags
  • SERP preview:- You can see preview about your metadata and title which present in the google search result.
  • Google search location simulator:- View google search result for a keyword on two different locations.

So use this tool to improve your SEO and ranking it is highly recommended for you.

Install SEO Minion

Pro tip:- If you are a beginner and you have no idea about SEO then check your competitor’s page with this tool and just get an idea and implement it in your blog.

9. Buffer – Share on social media in a click

Any valuable content doesn’t have a meaning if there is no audience to read it. And we all know that almost every people hanging out on social media as per their interest.

So now it’s time to share your epic article on social media so people can read and share it further and you get free traffic to your website.

Buffer is the best chrome extension for you and helps you to share your content or others article across all social media profiles in a single click.

It also allows you to schedule your social media posts on every platform like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, medium, Tumblr, LinkedIn and so on.

It saves you lots of time in sharing content. So use it starting today.

Install Buffer Extension


Addtoany:- This is also a great tool for sharing articles on other social media platforms. I use it to share any valuable article to my audience to provide them value.

10. HashTest – Find the winning Hashtags

On social media, there is a trend of hashtags. People use hashtags to rank their posts in front of relevant people. So it is best practice to include a right hashtag to your post so that relevant people can get maximum benefit. 

Hashtest is the best extension that helps you to find the right hashtag for your content, images, and videos for social media. It works for all social platforms.

Install HashTest Extension

11. Easy Blog Commenting

Easy blog commenting is an excellent chrome extension for bloggers who do regularly commenting on other blogs for build nofollow backlink and networking purposes.

This extension is created by well-known India’s top blogger Harsh Agarwal. It helps you to save lots of time while commenting.

Let’s see its working process.

With this tool, you can easily make various profiles. And when you write any comment then your name, email and website will be filled automatically.

Use this tool to save your valuable time and build a network with other bloggers.

Install Easy Blog Commenting

12. Email Hunter – Hunt the Website owner’s email

Now it’s time for Email outreach. But it is very tedious and boring work to find a correct email address for website owners.

If you are a blogger and want to build connections with other bloggers to grow your blog then email outreach is the most important part.

Email Hunter does this work for you in a second. 

It helps you to find the correct email address for any website owner and also show their confidence score. Either you can find by enter domain name or just click on the extension icon, it will show you the list of emails that is associated with that website.

This is the best tool to generate leads for your business.

Use this tool to save your time and reach through email to the correct person.

Install Email Hunter

13. Gmass – For sending bulk Emails

You and I both know, as a blogger reaching out to other bloggers is the most important part to grow our blog but it is really a pain in the ass to reach them.

Gmass is the best chrome extension which makes our email outreach easier and saves a hell lot of time for bloggers.

Here, How it works?

You just create a list of website owner’s email in google sheet, connect it with Gmass in a single click and send emails to all of them at the same time.

It has more features but the best part of this extension is, you can send up to 10,000 emails in a click. Use this extension to save you precious time.

Install Gmass

Boomerang for Gmail:- Boomerang is the best alternative for Gmass. With this tool, you can also send thousands of emails in a single click and track responses. It also shows you who has to open your email and who’s not. So that you can follow up with them later.

I always use this tool to send follow up emails to my email list.

Mailtrack for Gmail & Email Tracker:- These tools also do the same as Boomerang. You can choose as per your choice which suits you best.

14. Link Miner (Mining the broken link)

If you are building backlinks for your website then I am sure you must know about the Broken link building technique.

But finding broken links for any webpage is really a pain. 

Here, Link miner comes handy and saves your time.

Let me explain how?

Link miner is the best chrome extension for every blogger. It helps you to find the broken link of any webpage in a single click on the extension icon.

I like the simplicity of this tool. You just have to click on the icon and it will show all broken links with the red background. It also has an option to display error code and a number of backlinks for a particular webpage.

So I recommend you to use this tool starting today.

Install LinkMiner

15. Mozbar

I hope all of us have come across Moz.com while searching for SEO on google. 

Mozbar is a Moz free chrome extension that displays domain authority and page authority of any website.

This extension also has other features like keyword optimization for any article, find bad backlinks and so on. It also helps you to save lots of time to exclude low authority sites for building backlinks.

Get MozBar Here

16. Google publisher toolbar

After creating a blog, every newbie blogger has a primary goal to get monetize with Google Adsense.

If you also use Adsense to earn money from the blog, then you will love this chrome extension.

It is an official chrome extension from google which shows quick information about your AdSense ads by just clicking on its icon.

It displays a simple overlay on your ads and displays information about ads like ad size, Advertiser’s name, and URL. You can also block ads directly from your website which is not relevant for your site.

Get Google Publisher Toolbar

17. Page Analytics by google

This is the best chrome extension for analyzing data for every single page of your website.

Of course, we track our blog growth report every single day but by doing that we spent so much time to analyze data for each page. 

This tool helps you to analyze in a single click, only you have to authenticate your google analytics with this. This is the official extension for analytics by google.

Install Page Analytics by Google

18. ColorPick Eyedropper

Select a color is best practice for branding. You have observed that every brand has their own color. 

If you are confused to select a brand color like me then this tool will help you a lot.

Just install this extension in chrome browser. Whenever you come across a color which you really like on the internet then just click on the icon and get a hex code for that color.

You can also check your competitor’s color code and use it on your website.

Note:- Don’t use a too dark color on the website, always keep light color which is visible and smooth for the reader’s eyes.

Get Color pick Eyedropper

19. Font Finder

Having an awesome font is also a best practice for branding. If you don’t have any idea about fonts, then this chrome extension is your true friend.

Whenever you come across any website and like their font then just click on its icon, it will give you all the details about that font and their size. You can also check your competitor’s website fonts and make your website more appealing.

Pro tip:- Always use a simple and clean font, which is readable, soft and clear for readers.

Install Font Founder


WhatFont:-  WhatFont also does the same thing as font finder.

20. LastPass (Password Manager)

As a blogger, we have to sign up for tons of important websites, affiliate programs, ad networks, online payment and much more. It is impossible to remember all the passwords.

And I know you are smart enough that you never keep the same password.

So to manage this all passwords and keep it handy, the Last pass is the best chrome extension for you.

Let’s see how it works?

Whenever you sign up on any website then this extension remembers your entered password. Now if you visit those websites next time then at the time of login it suggests that password log in.

It is the best extension to manage all your passwords without any hassle.

Install LastPass


Dashlane:- Dashlane does the same thing as the last pass, so you can use it as per your choice. I use LastPass for my passwords.

It’s time to Wrap up

I shared more than 35 best chrome extensions for bloggers but using all extensions is not possible at once. Because it can slow your browser speed. So my recommendation is to use these extensions as per your needs which is more suitable for your work.

Chrome web browser is full of millions of extensions but I have shared only some of them which help bloggers like you and me.

If you also know about other best chrome extensions then please share with us in the comment section and also let me know that this article is how helpful for you. Share this article on social media to help other fellow bloggers.

Thanks for staying with me till the end.

Sharing is the best caring in this world so keep sharing.

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