11 Simple Steps to Get Google AdSense Approval in First Attempt

Getting Google AdSense Approval is the First dream for every beginner blogger. Isn’t it?

If you are a beginner and just started your Blog then you also have to achieve your first milestone which is getting AdSense approval. 

Google AdSense is the largest and most trusted contextual-based ad network out there. It provides high CPC ads than other advertising programs. There are also other ad providers in the market like Media.net, propeller ads, but AdSense is the most trusted brand.

I will not elaborate more about AdSense here because I hope you know already about it.

I am going to describe the process for getting AdSense approval in the first attempt because most of the people fail the first time and statistics also say that out of 1000 AdSense applications only they approved 1.

Yesterday night I was just browsing my Facebook groups so I read some post comments where most of the people have so much confusion about approval and some of them are saying that they got rejected 4 times. 

So as I get AdSense approval on my first attempt so I thought I have to explain it in detail and share with you which process I followed for getting approved.

Complete these Basic Google AdSense Approval Requirements to get approved on First Attempt

Google always keeps on changing its policies for better user experience and security purposes. So based on these policies google check some basic requirement for getting approved and serving ads on your website. 

So let me explain what I did from day one.

1. Use Paid Hosting

I always use paid hosting for every website. Because paid hosting is trusted and can’t be shut down or vanish your website like a free platform. 

If you want to start a blog then I will suggest you invest some money in hosting. Once you will get AdSense approval and start showing ads on your website then your investment will be recovered.

Getting started with free hosting is also good but there is some disadvantage with that.

  • There is no security, anytime your blog or content could vanish.
  • If you don’t have a TLD domain(like .com, .in, .org) then no one takes you seriously.
  • You can’t get AdSense approval before 6 months of your website age.
  • There is less chance to get approved with free hosting.
  • Other Ads and Affiliate programs will also not give you approval.

So, because of these reasons, I recommend you start with paid hosting. I personally use Bluehost which is officially recommended by WordPress.

2. Include Important Pages that are required for AdSense approval

Google tells in its policy that before submitting your AdSense application your website should have the three most important pages that are About, Contact, and Privacy Policy.

Because these pages show that you are not a fake person or spammer and it shows your authenticity and legitimacy. When I started my blog in Feb 2019 the first thing I did that I create these pages.

Let me explain in brief what you should include on these pages.

  • About:- This page describes you and the purpose behind starting this website/ Blog.
  • Contact:- Here you will include your contact detail Like your Personal or official email address or any contact form by which a user can contact you or ask any queries.
  • Privacy Policy:- On this page, you will describe everything about user security, data collection, ad distribution, and many other things. 

Don’t worry there are lots of websites that can generate a free privacy policy for your website so you can simply copy-paste and include it on your page.

So before submitting for the Google AdSense Approval application, your website must have these three pages.

3. Write Long Articles

Now it’s time to write some articles. When you just started then writing a long article is just a pain in the ass.

But anyhow you have to write at least 10 long articles. Because Google doesn’t like short articles and it gives more preference to long articles.

Although Google says that your article should be at least 600 words long, to be in the safe zone I recommend you to write above 1000 words. I always write more than 2500 words in every article.  

You can write 600 words in starting but there should be at least some long article (1000 words) so that it can show that you are serious about content creating and providing value to users. You are not just writing for the sake of getting approved.

Google employees never check your every article manually. They use bots to examine your website and bots are too smart because they work on Artificial Intelligence. So you can’t cheat them. It’s better to write long articles.

4. Avoid Copyright or Plagiarism

Copyright or Plagiarism content is strictly prohibited. If you want to get approval faster then avoid this type of content. 

Sometimes you don’t even notice and your blog content has some plagiarism issues. It happens because when you do research and read another blog post you include some of their sentences on your blog by mistake. 

So to avoid these mistakes, just create content in your style of writing. And after writing, fix all grammatical mistakes. 

Another type of Copyright issue comes from Images. If you use copyright images from other websites then you will get disapproved for AdSense and you can’t even figure out what is wrong with your website. Because Google never tells you about your mistakes.

So, to avoid this mistake, always use royalty-free stock photos that come under a creative commons license. Anyone can use this type of image without any copyright issues. There are several websites like Pixabay, Unsplash, Pexels, and many others that provide copyright-free images.

This article will help you to find royalty-free stock Images for you:

5. Enough Content

There is no exact number of content and no one has the exact answer for this. 

But in my experience, before submitting your website for an AdSense account you must have 15 – 20 Articles which also include 10 long articles

When I submitted at that time I had 19 articles and all have 2500 words long. Before submitting I also researched and read tons of articles every experienced blogger also recommends the same number.

So try to write at least 15 articles which is long and provide some informative value to users before submission.

6. Submit your site to Google and other Webmasters

Google includes in its policy that your blog must have submitted to Google Webmaster (like Google search console) and other webmasters( like Bing, Yandex, and so on) and you use your google analytics tracking code on your website.

Before submitting your website to Google AdSense, You must verify your website in google webmaster and submit your XML sitemap to the Google search console. It helps google crawlers to crawl your whole website frequently and index it in search ranking.

This process helps you to analyze your traffic behavior and errors on the website. And it also helps you to get Google AdSense approval quickly.

7. Do proper SEO

Google always holds some valuable place on its first page for well-optimized websites. And once you get a place on Google’s first page you will get free organic traffic which can help you to earn millions of revenue from Google AdSense.

But when you have just started then you don’t have much knowledge about SEO. But you can do some basic things for SEO. 

  • Use a Meta title for every page and post using your niche keywords. A title should not be longer than 59 words.
  • Use Meta description for every page and post and include keywords in it. The description should be 159 characters long.

This meta title and description help Google understand your page and post better. And it is a good sign for proper SEO in Google’s eye.

If you don’t know how to find the best keyword then this Article will help you.

8. Clean website Structure and Easy Navigation

It is recommended that your website structure should be neat and clean and the user can navigate easily for every category and access content according to their need.

Google always gives preference for those websites which are good for user experience.

So organize your website properly and don’t create too many category pages and make every page easily navigable. 

For Example, You can see this website. When I started my blog I used more time in the organization only. Daily I create a new site structure unless I get the best one. 

You can see my all categories pages are just above the content and below the header so that users can access them as per their requirements. And other important pages I have included in the footer and the latest post in the sidebar. So in this structure, users can find everything easily. You can copy this structure also.

9. Use Paid Theme

If you are using a free theme then there is a higher chance that your AdSense Account will be disapproved.

Because Google doesn’t like free themes. Free themes are not properly customizable and they also have an issue with ads placement. Sometimes free themes are used to show an error or distort your content structure. Because you can’t update a free theme. 

Because of all these reasons google never likes free themes. Use always paid theme so that you can organize your website properly and make its structure user-friendly.

I personally use the DIVI theme to make a clean structure for my website which you are seeing right now. I also recommend this because it is easy to use. Simple drag-and-drop DIVI builder is available which saves you lots of time in customization.

10. Ad-ready website structure

After following all the steps I described above. Now It’s time to decide the place on your website where you can place ads after getting Google AdSense Approval.

So You have to create a site structure like that there should be someplace for showing ads either in the sidebar or above the content or in between the content wherever you want to show them.

When you apply for an AdSense account then it gives you a publisher id which you have to include on your website. After that, you can create ad units and include ad unit scripts at your desired place where you want to place ads. When Google will approve your AdSense account then it will start showing ads automatically at that place.

That’s why your website structure should be Ad ready for getting AdSense approval fast. 

11. Apply after a Month

Last and most important point, You should not be in a hurry to apply for AdSense just after starting your blog. Because it clearly shows that you are not a serious blogger you just want to get approval and Google dislikes this type of person.

So if you want to get approved on the first attempt then wait at least one month. In this one month fill your website with valuable content, regularly post an article, be active on your blog, organize it properly, and then apply for AdSense after a month. 

I submitted my website after 9 months because I met with a major accident after starting my blog. So I was unable to write content. But I got approved in my first attempt and I feel these are the reason behind this.

If you follow the above-listed tips properly then I can guarantee that you will get AdSense approval in the first attempt.

Here are some FAQs which is asked by some of my friends on Facebook and other social media platform.

FAQ asked by Newbie bloggers:-

1. How much traffic is required for AdSense approval?

Actually, you don’t require any traffic for approval, because Google has not mentioned a single word about traffic in its policy.

2. How many posts are required for approval?

As I explained above, You required at least 15 -20 posts before applying for Google AdSense Approval. There must be 10 long posts(1000 words) on your website.

3. How much time does AdSense take to approve?

Google takes a minimum of 48 hours and a maximum of 2 weeks to review your website and get approved for showing Ads on your website.

If you follow the above steps then you will get approval in 48 hours. I got approved in 3 days.

Final Thoughts

Getting our first Google AdSense account is a dream for newbie bloggers and it is also the first step to monetize your blog. 

Although Google is so strict in its policy. If you follow its policy and don’t make any mistakes then you can get Google AdSense approval on the first attempt and start earning. Don’t worry it is not rocket science only you have to follow some rules.

That’s all for AdSense. 

If you still have any problems or if I have forgotten any steps to include then comment below, I will be thankful to include your suggestion in this article and help others.

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