How to Choose a Perfect Blogging Niche as a Beginner

Having a blog Niche is recommended by all veteran bloggers. But how to choose a perfect blogging niche when we are a beginner is such an overwhelming process.

Before starting a blog, Our head is full of lots of ideas. We think it is easy to write about anything but when we start writing it is totally blank or confusing that what should I write.

When I started blogging, I tried so many niches but within a week I always lose interest in writing content because I don’t have enough ideas about those niches.

If you are also facing the same problem with a niche then you are in the right place. In this blog, I will show you very simple ways to find a niche.

But, why this niche is important? Why does everyone talks about the niche in their blog or recommend it? These types of questions are very common to think about.

So, let’s reveal the secret.

The benefit of having a Perfect Blogging Niche

Having a niche is not necessary for blogging. If you want, you can write about anything you like and some sites are already doing this.

But as a beginner, you will face lots of problems to target your audience and market. And to monetize your blog, you will need a specific audience for affiliate marketing.

So having a niche will always help you to reach the audience within a month. And if you really solve their problem then they will keep coming back to your blog and subscribe to your website also.

You can make yourself a brand and keep authority in that particular niche also.

If you want to start your blog today then this comprehensive guide you help you and give crystal clear knowledge about each step.

How to find a suitable niche as a beginner

You can follow my experienced technique of finding a niche as a beginner. With all these techniques I am sure you can find the best and most suitable niche.

#1. Passion

Passion means whatever you like from your heart to do. So many people are fond of playing games, traveling, cooking, reading, any technical skill, riding, bikes, and so on. This type of person can write about their passion easily.

But what about those who don’t know what to do in life? Don’t worry I am also one of them.

For me, the definition of passion is different. I believe in hard work, whatever work you do, just do it with your full concentration and focus. When you start enjoying your work it will start showing your passion.

Why passion is essential?

Because it keeps you motivated all the time about your niche and shows throughout your writing.

So just choose a niche then just find the problem of people in that particular niche through social media, forums, chat, or comments on other websites and try to solve it.

#2. Try all niches before starting blogging

I know you will not like this idea but believe me, it works and gives you clarity about your topic.

And if you write about all topics then you will also practice writing which will help you further in content creation for your particular niche.

Before buying a domain and hosting, just list down all niches and start writing. Maybe it will take one month for you to decide your niche but you will find a perfect niche for the long run.

I personally took four months to decide about my niche with this technique, but it gives me a habit of writing which is essential for a blogger.

#3. A narrow niche is best for starting

When you start blogging, don’t think about too broad topics like making money online, blogging, cooking, or health & fitness.

There are already tons of blogs that are ranking on Google and you have to struggle hard in these areas.

Just narrow it down into subtopics. Check on Flipkart or Amazon for subtopics and comment on products to find people’s problems.

Because these narrow niches can cover a broader market and people also like to keep browsing your website for information.

Some examples of Subtopics:-

  • Make money online >>Online jobs >> Home based jobs >> Side hustle
  • Cooking >> breakfast >> Dinner >> lunch >> Baking >> cakes >> Non-veg
  • Health >> lose weight >> hair care >> skin care >> ED >> Diets
  • Pet care >> Bird care >> Dog care >> Insects
  • Coffee >> Black coffee >> filter coffee >> organic coffee >> how to make
  • Farming >> vegetables >> flowers >> Grass
  • Fashion >> men’s clothing >> women’s clothing >> kids wear

Like this, it will be very easy to target a particular topic and market.

#4. Cover the uncovered topics

You can follow other blogger’s posts and make a list of uncovered things within your niche. Cover those in-depth in your blog post.

Read the comments of their blog and try to understand audience problems and solve those in your post.

When I need an idea about writing my freelancer blog post then I just follow this method.

#5. Use Google trend

Google trend is the best place for getting an idea about trending topics, news, and people’s interest.

In your niche, you can find the latest news in which people showing interest. You can collect relevant information and write a blog post.

On the Google alert option in your browser so it will give you a notification.

#6. Listicle posts can be easy for the beginner

I always find listicle posts easy to write. Because only you have to make a list and give relevant information to the audience.

You can see some examples like Top 5, Top 10, Top 20, 30+ best, 50+best, and so on.

If you don’t know which niche you should write then this approach is best for you.

Choose any Niche which you like and search over the internet which types of lists other bloggers are creating.

For example “ if someone has created 50+ best niches for blogging” then you can create “101+ best niches for blogging”.

This approach works for any niche and higher chance to rank on the first page.

Because you know that Google likes longer post and give first preference.

#7. Social Media Research

We are using social media platforms daily and it can give you the best niche idea if you do a little research on it.

Just join the relevant groups on Facebook, boards on Pinterest, youtube channels, forums, and Twitter.

You can observe that people are asking so many problems to get a solution. You can solve their problem by writing a blog on your website.

Even you can get an idea to write a daily blog based on their problems. It is a super easy tip to get an idea without being overwhelmed.

And the best part is, you already know that where the audience is hanging out. So after writing a blog, driving traffic will be so easy for you through the social media platform.

#8. Quotes or image site is super easy

I hope in some moments of our life we have searched for Quotes like motivational, love, sad, Shayari, life, and so on. On some occasions, we have also searched images on Google for best wishes on birthdays, the new year, or any festival.

These types of websites are freaking easy to build and rank fast.

As a beginner, you can create the best wishes site or quotes site and monetize with your Adsense. Only You have to learn graphic design skills for creating images.

The only drawback with these sites is, you can’t do affiliate marketing or email marketing.

But you can do Etsy or Printful site business on these sites.

It’s time to Wrap up

When you start your blogging career then your niche can only decide whether you will succeed or fails.

Some newbie makes mistake in finding a niche and ends up quitting after some time.

In this blog, I have covered the easiest and most possible way to find a niche so nomads can also find a suitable niche for their blog.

I have not covered the technical stuff which is based on keyword research or SEO-based blogs. Because in the beginning, you have no idea about any technical terms. But, throughout your blogging journey, you will learn it slowly.

Apply this approach and find your niche and keep sharing this content to help others if it is useful.
If you find this article useful for you then just share it to help others also.
Thank you for giving your valuable time.

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