8 Hidden Secrets to Know about Expired Domain before buying

So, You have also decided to start your new blog with Expired Domains? This is the best decision and it has many benefits I will discuss in a moment.

But before start let’s discuss some basic things.

What is an Expired Domain and Why it is Expired?

A domain is called expired when a blogger or webmaster fails to renew their domain. 

Domain registrar always gives 30 days of the extended period for every domain to renew but some people don’t renew because of money problems or they lose interest in blogging.

Once the domain name gets expired the Domain registrar places that domain on bidding. So you have a better chance to buy an expired domain by placing a higher bid.

So if you are a Blogger or Want to start a new blog with an expired domain then there are so many important things and its importance you should know before buying an expired domain.

What is the Benefit of using Expired Domain?

To start a new website with a brand new domain always takes time, effort, and money to build Authority, quality backlinks and drive traffic.

As you know that Google always ranks those websites which have higher authority therefore with a brand new domain it is so difficult to rank in Google and drive organic traffic.

So, here the expired domain comes in the main role because the expired domain already has authority and backlinks if you choose the good one. And it will help you to rank higher in Google within a few days.

You can also build your PBN (Private Blogging Network) with these domains where you can pass link juice to your main money-making sites for better Google ranking.

How can you use these expired Domains?

An expired domain has great power to accelerate your ranking in Google other than that it has other uses too. Let’s see how can you use it to get maximum benefit.

Fun Fact:- I see expired domains like Nitrous in Need For Speed car Racing games.

1. Build an Authority Website

Building an Authority Website is important to get a position on Google’s first page. But with a new domain, it is time-consuming and also costs money in SEO to build an authoritative website.

That’s why people buy an expired domain to build an authority website because Google has already seen its authority and so many backlinks already pointing to this domain that’s why it is easy to get ranked by Google within a few days and start getting organic traffic.  

With a new domain, the main problem is the Google sandbox period. Unless you will not produce enough content daily till then it is not possible to rank your website and it takes time.

But if we talk about Expired domains then you will not face the sandbox problem and your site will start ranking within a week. So, I will highly recommend that to start your new website with an expired domain. It will help you to rank instantly by using previous authority.

2. Create a Private Blog Network

Note:- No, I will not personally recommend building PBN to rank higher. Because Google evaluates it as a black hat if you don’t use it correctly. That’s why unless you will not know everything about PBN till then don’t use it for SEO purposes. Otherwise, you will be your own if Google will penalize you.

SEO experts used to build an authoritative website using an expired domain for a specific niche and then they used to give backlinks to their main website to rank on Google’s first page.

Google has already penalized millions of websites for using PBN in the wrong way. 

So here is the question. How can we do it in the right way?

To understand clearly, just observe the Dotdash(About.com)  website closely. You will observe that this website has a huge list of PBN sites and it is not hidden from Google and mentioned on its homepage. All websites which are mentioned on its homepage are interlinked with each other. 

About.com is a big company and it is also using PBN for its growth then why can’t you? 

So the right strategy is, don’t hide your PBN sites from Google and make them public and let them know that you run all those websites so that Google will not penalize you.

If you want to build your PBN sites in a Legitimate way then Refer to this PBN Guide. It is the best one I have ever found.

3. 301 Redirects

Maybe building niche-specific PBN sites is tough and time-consuming for you and you aren’t really interested in building it after buying. Then 301 redirects are the best SEO hacks that you can use to rank your website.

If you don’t want to build a website with an expired domain then you can use its authority to rank your main site. Only you have to redirect that expired domain to your main domain. 

After redirecting, all backlinks and link juice from the expired domain start pointing to your main domain. It will increase your main site authority and improve your Google ranking.

Note:- Make sure that the expired domain which you want to redirect is relevant to your main site and the niche should be similar. Otherwise, Google can give you an unnatural links penalty.

4. Domain Flipping for Profits

I hope you have heard about the Domain Flipping business. The people who do this business usually buy the expired domain as soon as possible and sell it at a higher price to earn profits.

So if you also want to do this Flipping business to earn maximum profit then buy expired domains with high DA, PA, quality backlinks, and more qualities and sell it online. 

You can sell your domain on Flippa or participate in a domain auction on GoDaddy to get a better price. 

The Most Important Things to Know Before Buying an Expired Domain

Expired domains have lots of benefits if you buy a high-quality domain. But how can you know which domain you can buy and which you can’t?

There are so many essential factors you have to check before buying an expired domain. But on many marketplaces, you can only see the good things about domains(like DA, PA) they will not tell you the negative side of that domain. That’s why it is your responsibility to check each factor clearly before buying.

Read the below point carefully, it will help you to choose the best-expired domain. 

1. Before Buying always Check the DA/PA of the Expired Domain 

DA(Domain Authority) and PA (Page Authority) are the two most important things to decide the quality of any expired domain. Higher the authority higher the domain quality. 

You can check the DA/ PA by Moz. There are so many Domain Authority checker websites available, You can google it. I generally use Moz.

If you are going to buy an expired domain then first check its DA/PA and always buy a domain that has DA 25+.

2. Check Domain Status 

Maybe you got lucky enough and get a premium quality domain with high DA/PA but if that domain is banned by a Google search engine then there is no use of such type of domain.

That’s why always check the domain banned status with Google banned checker before buying it.

If you like a domain that is banned by Google but you want to buy it anyhow then you can submit a Google reconsideration request to remove its ban.

3. Check Its Spam Score and Spam links

Spam Score is also an important factor for an expiry domain. If the spam score is higher then it can affect your ranking in Google. So before buying an expired domain check its spam score with the spam score checker. It should not be more than 1.

Another important factor is checking for its backlink profile. It will help you to decide that the domain is not used for spamming and it has quality backlinks. 

But how will you check.?

Majestic SEO is the best tool for checking its quality backlinks. But you can use Ahref because it is also the best tool and has a huge database.

Just head over to the Majestic SEO website and enter your Domain URL in the search box and select the historic link option given just below to search bar and then click on the search icon.

You will get the list of all backlinks which were previously pointing to it. 

How can you decide that the domain has spammy links?

  • Irrelevant links from different niches
  • Zero Authority Site links
  • Backlinks from other language sites like (Chinese or Russian language)
  • Too many Spammy Anchor text profile

If there are too many spammy links then don’t buy that type of domain. Or if there are a few spammy links then you can disavow it by submitting those links list in the search console disavow link option.

4. Check if Google Adsense banned

At the end of the day, the main purpose of making a website is to earn money. So if you want to earn money from Advertising then you should make clear that the expired domain which you want to buy is not banned from Adsense. 

You can use the Adsense sandbox checker tool to check it. Simply put your domain URL and click on the preview Ads.

It will show an ads preview which was earlier on that website. If it doesn’t show anything then that domain is banned from AdSense.

5. Check the web Archive of the website

Before buying anything in our daily life we have a habit to check the product first and then buy. The same principle also applies here. 

I hope you also want to check the previous website which was running on the expired domain. If you check then you can clearly decide that either it was a genuine domain or it was just used for spam. And it is necessary. You must check this factor.

To check the Archive of any website The Wayback Machine is the best tool. It records the snapshot of posts and pages that were previously running on that domain. 

Just enter your Domain URL and it will take you back directly to the archive.

Just below the search bar, you can see the timeline graph. When you click on any year it will open a calendar with the circled date. Just click on the date and the live website will appear on the screen.

By analyzing the content which was earlier on that website you can clearly decide whether you should buy or not.

6. Check Trust Flow and Citation flow

As I said earlier, checking for Spam links and backlinks is an important factor. But checking each and every backlink manually is such a boring and overwhelming process.

That’s why Trust Flow and Citation Flow metrics help you to determine the quality of backlinks and authority of the Domain.

The score of trust flow should be a minimum of 25%  (not less than that) of citation flow(1:4). If the trust flow is less than 25% it means the chances of spam backlinks are high.

So I always recommend buying an expired domain that has a higher Trust Flow. You can check Trust Flow and Citation Flow with the Majestic SEO tool.

7. Check its Indexing on Google

It is one of the important factors to check domain indexing in Google before buying it. 

If there are some posts or pages which are indexed in Google then it clearly indicates that the expired domain is not penalized by Google.

In some cases, if the domain is not indexed in Google it means that either that website was previously penalized or it expired a long time ago. 

The best suggestion from my side is always by a recently expired domain.

8. Check the number of drops

The number of drops means a domain has expired more than once. A single domain is expired multiple times which is known as the number of domain drops.

You can check the domain dropping score by using the Domain Tool whois. If a particular domain has dropped more than 4 times within 10 years then it is better to avoid that domain. 

So always buy an expired domain that has only one or two drop scores.

Places where you can Find and Buy Expired Domain Easily

1. ExpiredDomains.net

ExpiredDomains.net is one of the best free tools that help you to find expired domains, deleted domains, and dropped domains. It is loaded with multiple advanced filters that let you target a very specific expired domain according to your needs. It also shows detailed data about expired domains like Backlinks, DA, Alexa Rank, and availability with domain names.

To explore its advanced filter for maximum benefit, you only have to free sign up on this website.

After Signup just log in on this website. You will see an advanced filter. You can use it according to your needs. If you still want to do in-depth filtering to target the exact domain then just click on the show filter.

After Selecting and finalizing your domain name just click on the RL option to register the domain. This is the best tool for finding a quality domain.

2. Domain Coasters

DomainCoasters is the second-best free tool to find and buy quality expired domains. It has a great inventory of expired domains. You can use these domains to build a high-quality PBN or Redirect backlinks to your money sites. There is a filter option before the list where you can select any category.

You can also check backlinks by clicking on the links option. DomainCoasters don’t show expired domain names on their website. Instead of names, it shows some codes. You can just head over to the messenger chatbot and paste the code into the message. A chatbot will tell you the original expired domain names of that domain.

3. Moonsy

Moonsy is the best free tool for finding an expired domain and it is my favorite. This tool has an excellent feature to filter the authority domain having quality backlinks. It accesses the Majestic and Semrush data to show the domain details. So you can blindly trust this tool. I use this tool from 2016 for my Domain Flipping business.

4. Freshdrop

Fresh Drop is also the best-paid tool to research the Expired domain. It has an excellent filter and targeting feature but you can take full advantage when you are a paid member. You can apply filters like DA, Backlinks, Google index, geo, and other things. 

5. Dynadot

DynaDot is one of the best tools where you can buy quality expired domains. It shows domains that are going to expire very soon so that you can place an advance bid and grab it after expiring if you will be a winner in bidding.

6. NameJet

NameJet is the popular platform to buy an expired domain that is going to expire very soon. This is the best platform if you want to get involved in domain auctions and aftermarket domain sales. There are 3 categories for buying an expired domain like Hot Picks, last chance, and open auction.

7. GoDaddy Auction

GoDaddy auction is also a great and trusted place to buy expired domains. Here you can find the quality expired domain. Some people who grab the good domain from other websites used to sell it here at a high price. So it is a better chance that you can grab a good-quality domain. You can search the domain by just entering your keywords on the auction page.

8. Flippa

Flippa is the best website for buying live websites, expired domains, and Apps. This is basically for premium sellers. If you want branded domain name or premium quality of pre-built websites then Flippa is the best option for you.

9. Snapnames

Snapnames also have a great inventory just like DomainCoaster. You can buy the best quality expired domains from their daily deals option or just check the drop domains list regularly. You can get the best-expired domain here.

10. NameCheap

NameCheap is also the best marketplace for expired domains. If you want to buy the domain from NameCheap just click on the expired domain list. You can find all domain which is going to expire today. If you like any of them you can buy them directly from here.

Start your new blog with Expired Domain:- 

After buying an expired domain you can start building your new blog. For starting a new blog you have to buy web hosting for that expired domain. Once you buy your web hosting then only you have to set up cPanel and install WordPress. The rest of the work is the same as a new domain.

Closing Comments

If you want to start a new website and build authority to rank instantly in Google then buying an expired domain is the best choice ever. But before buying a domain make sure you check all the above factors. Because You don’t know which domain is used for what purpose. 

To avoid spamming, be careful when you are buying an expired domain and check each and everything.

An expired domain is very beneficial to make an authority of the website or for SEO purposes or For doing domain flipping business.

Whatever the purpose you have, just be sure that everything is genuine. And the above-listed factors will help you surely.

I hope this article will help you to choose a good expired domain.

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Thanks for staying with me till the end.

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