Top 10 New Ways to Find Trending Topics for Any Niche Website

Trending Topics always attract more eyes to your blog. So if you are searching for Trending topics for your website then you’re at the right place.

If you have just started your brand new blog and want to get more organic traffic and get ranked on Google’s first page then try to write on those topics which are already popular and more shareable. And second, find the trending topics in your niche and write a blog on them. Because trending topics are always more searchable and valuable for viewers that’s why it gets more traction. People can relate with you if you provide valuable information and they will become your permanent follower.

But how to find trending topics for any niche is the biggest problem? 

Don’t worry, In this article, I am going to share 10 easy ways to find trending topics for your blog and it is applicable to any category.

So let’s start.

10 Places to Find Trending Topics for Your Blog in 2021

It is very difficult to find Current trending topics for any categories, but there are a few very easy ways that give you the idea and show you the trends in your relevant niche. So let’s have a look closely.

1. Exploding Topics

As the name already tells its character. It mainly discovers topics that are going to explode on the internet. This tool shows you rapidly growing topics and also their traffic on the keywords which are going to trend on the internet.

You know about the website Backlinko and its founder Brain Dean (A well-known SEO guru in the industry). He launched this tool to find trending topics for any category before Google.

This tool is very simple: just select the time period and your preferred category and it will show the results about all the growing topics and search terms about that category and traffic on those search terms. Or if you want to search your own keyword then you can also search on the given search box. 

2. Medium

Medium is another content publishing site. Where you can see all the latest and trending content every day. It has millions of users who publish trending content every day here. So this website is a goldmine for trending topics.

It is free to use. You just have to sign up and then browse your category to search for popular or trending articles. You can also follow other bloggers and categories. Whenever you open a medium website or app you will get all the latest and trending articles in your feed and for popular articles don’t forget to check the “popular on medium section.”

3. Quora

Quora is a well-known Question Answer website. If you want to know what your readers want to read then Quora is the best place for you. You can get ideas about readers’ needs and also find out the latest discussion and trending topics that are going on in your relevant niche.

The process of finding Trending Topics is very simple on Quora. Simply follow the topics based on your interest and also join space and then you can get the Top Stories option in your Quora news feed. The latest question which people ask you can access from the New Question section

You can also enter your keyword or topic in the Quora search bar and get all the questions that are already asked and choose the most answered question as your new blog topic because people are interested in that.

You can reuse Quora content anywhere on the internet under the Quora content license. But, don’t forget to give credit and backlink to Quora if you are using it. Quora helps you to find the latest topic ideas and also gives you traffic if you answer on Quora daily.

4. Trending on Youtube

You know very well about YouTube. But, Do you know you can get the idea of the trending topics from youtube also?

YouTube has a separate section called “Trending”. It provides insights into the latest trending videos in all categories like Music, fashion, gaming, entertainment, food, Marketing, and so on. Just watch those videos which are trending and write a blog post on that using the given information on that video. Isn’t it very simple?

It has a high chance to drive organic traffic from Google and your content can also go viral because people are highly interested in that topic. So give it a try.

5. Google Trends

As you know, Google gives us many services totally free. Google Trends are one of them. It is a free tool that tells us about the latest trends, and news that is getting more traction in the past 24 hours or popular in a particular country or region. 

It gives us the option to do keyword research as well as we can compare two or more keywords and see the search trends which are getting more volume in a specific period. And not only we can research keywords but also see the search trends about the web, images, news, and shopping.

We can see the search trends about countries, states, a particular region, or local area. It gives the keyword suggestion and the latest topic suggestion which is growing or already breakout on the internet. 

So Google Trends is the best tool to find current search trends and get a topic idea for your website and target the exact same audience which you want for your blog.

6. BuzzFeed

BuzzFeed is the website that starts by posting trending posts only and this is the main reason for their growth. So BuzzFeed is the best place to find trending topics because the users of BuzzFeed know exactly about market trends.

If you want to find trending content on BuzzFeed then just go to the right sidebar and see the above top right corner, you will see a growth arrow icon, click on them and you will explore its trending page for each category and also it shows the top post this week in the right sidebar. Just Scroll and get ideas for your new blog post. On its homepage also you can get a Trending Now option in the sidebar. 

Let me tell you the benefits of BuzzFeed Trends. It is basically in listicle format so you will get ideas about Keywords as well as the proper Article structure and clickable titles for your blog. 

7. Feedly

Feedly is also the best tool to get trending articles for your niche. The process to get trending content ideas is very simple. Just follow some top blogs which are relevant to your dedicated niche, Subscribe to them, and all the latest articles and feeds you will get in your Feedly dashboard. Get an idea from those and start writing your trending Articles in a minute.

8. Reddit

Reddit is the most popular site for debates. The community on Reddit is always involved in the heated debate on almost every topic. Yeah, some topics may not have that popular but it can give you an idea about trending topics for your blog. Just look up those questions or debates which gain more upvotes on your homepage. Its insights show that people are interested in that topic so just create a valuable article and share it with them.

To get more from Reddit, Just explore its subreddits about specific niche-related topics. Join them, be active, post valuable information and watch about the most upvoted topic and write your articles. Reddit can give you the trending content idea and also give you millions of traffic.

9. AllTop

AllTop is a website that lists top news or the latest trending content from other websites on its front homepage. It populates top headlines from all popular websites on its homepage, and also the different categories. So that you can use it and take a look and get an idea about your trending content and also how to format it.

10. Popurls

Popurls is also the same as AllTop means it’s also a news aggregator’s website. It also populates all top news and articles on the same page from different popular websites. But it has some extra features you can also get the latest news and search trends on various social media like Digg, Reddit, Google News, hacker news, and other popular media outlets on the same homepage. So it is very easy to explore all trending news and Content in the same place. You only have to access it and get some ideas.


I have listed above the best tools which help you to find trending topics for your content creation. You can get ideas about topics that are most searchable and trending on other social media platforms. 

One thing I want to say honestly. The above-listed tools are the best tools or online sources but not all of them can work for you, so just choose those which give better results for you and stick to them. 

I hope you like this article and from today you will also start any one of the listed tools. Let me know in the comment box which one you are going to use. And also let me know about other best tools which I have not mentioned here.

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