How to Easily Create Responsive Table in Blogger Posts

Want to Create a Professional Responsive Table in Blogger Blog Posts to show your data efficiently that can grab more eyeballs? Then this is the Perfect Article for you.

All serious bloggers have a very common quality. They used to create everything professional and unique. And the uniqueness represents their quality and seriousness about the topic. And as a result, they get more traffic and permanent visitors for a lifetime.

So if you are also a blogger and just started your career as a blogger then you will face so many problems. And creating a responsive table inside blogger posts is very difficult. Because for that you must have HTML and CSS programming knowledge.

But, it is a little bit difficult to learn a programming language if your academic subject is not computer science. 

For WordPress, there are plenty of plugins that give you the opportunity to create a responsive table inside posts. But, for bloggers, it’s very difficult and the only way is to write some HTML and CSS code to create tables.

But don’t worry my dear friends, In this article, I am going to share with you the top 3 Methods to create a professional-looking responsive table in Blogger Blog Posts.

So Let’s Start.

Top 3 Methods to Create a Responsive Table in Blogger Posts without Codes 

The idea is, you can’t create a responsive table without HTML coding on the Blogger platform. So that we will use different software and create tables there and then convert that table in HTML coding and then directly insert that code inside the blogger posts. Follow all steps as I have shown below. 

3. Use Microsoft Word to Create a Responsive Table

Open Microsoft Word Software on your Laptop/Desktop. If you don’t have one then Download it first and Install it. (Every laptop comes with inbuilt Microsoft Word features so use that one.)

1. Now Go to Option Insert > Table > Select the number of rows and columns as shown in the figure below.

2. Select Size of table-like, 3×3, 4×4, 3×4, 4×3, and so on. (I am taking a 4×4 table for example)

3. Now fill in your all content and adjust the space in the table and choose the style according to your need.

4. Your table is ready. Now you save this table in the .html extension (MS File > Save as > Select Web page Filter from the dropdown.)

5. Now you have to convert your Saved file into HTML coding. So for that,

6. Now Select your saved table file and Right-click on it (select Open with >Notepad)

7. After Opening Notepad you will get all HTML codes, Copy all Codes

Now You have to Insert that Responsive table inside Blogger blog posts.

  • Now open your blogger dashboard.
  • Select the New post or edit the post in which you want to Insert.
  • Now click on HTML view in the Top right corner
  • Search for the text after that or before that you want to insert, give some space and paste that HTML code (Ctrl+v) and see the preview and publish.

Congratulations, You have created a responsive table and inserted it inside blogger posts without writing a single line of code. Isn’t it amazing and simple?

If you are still confused and aren’t able to use Notepad to create HTML codes then Follow the Below Method.

2. Use Online Tableizer to Create HTML Responsive Codes

In this method, We will use the same software Microsoft Word and the same technique to create a table as I explained in the above Method. But here you don’t have to save this table. Follow Below Steps.

1. Follow all the Above Steps which I explained to create a table using MS Word but don’t save that table.

2. Select the full table with content using the Highlight Option, It will appear after Mouse hover on the table.

3. Now Right-click and Copy all or press (Ctrl+c).

4. Now Open Tableizer online table code creator tool in your browser.

5. You will see a text field just paste the data(Ctrl+v) which you have copied.

6. In this Tableizer online tool, you can change font colors, font size, and Style according to your need.

7. After that press the Tableize it button. It will instantly create HTML codes for your table.

8. Copy all code and put it in your blogger blog post. 

How to Insert tables in blogger blog posts, I have already explained in the above method. Kindly go through that after getting HTML Codes.

Congratulations again! You have just created a responsive table for your blogger posts without writing a single line of code.

Again If you are still facing problems creating tables using Microsoft Word software then don’t worry. In the below method, I will tell you the process through which you can create an online table and get codes also and insert them directly into your blog posts.

1. Create a Responsive Table for Blogger Posts Online

Without writing a single line of code you can create a very responsive and stylish table for your blogger posts. Just Follow these all steps.

  1. Open Online HTML Table Generator in your Browser.
  2. Now select the number of rows and columns from the option Table>Set Size
  3. Now select the Color, Size, Style, and Table theme for the Table in this step.
  4. Select the Cell background Color, Cell text Color, Put Link in Cell text, and so on.
  5. Fill all data in that table and click on Generate button.
  6. Below that you will get the HTML code for the table, just copy that all and insert in your blogger posts.

Follow all steps to insert the table codes in Blogger posts which I have shown in Method 1 already. 

This Online table is super responsive, stylish, and fast for your blogger website. And it’s a super easy process to create without any coding. It supports all types of device screens. It means you can open this table on any device and it will maintain its responsiveness.


So, friends, The above listed 3 methods are the easiest method to create a super responsive table for Blogger blog posts. And it is very helpful for creating a table within a post without using any HTML codes. It gives a very professional look and arranges your data properly on the website and gives uniqueness and improves your authority in visitor’s minds.

I hope this article helps you to solve your problem to create and Insert a responsive table for Blogger blog posts. If it really helps you then don’t forget to share this article.

And if you also know any other method of creating a responsive table for blogger posts then share with us in the comment box. We love to hear from you.

Thank you.

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