Your Blog doesn’t Qualify For Adsense [ Fixed and Got Approval ]

First Time I need to encounter this your blog doesn’t Qualify for Adsense but not the first time trying to get AdSense approval and it’s the eighteenth number and counting in the past some months.

What Do I Mean by that?

Everything started when I received a message through the contact us form in the same blog Where he stated:- hello, I have done all you said in your video, but still, it shows “your blog is not qualify for AdSense” and more text was written.

Just for reference copied the message’s first two lines and he said about this video, then I replied back asking for his blog link, and found a few problems but not enough to get favorable results.

Earlier faced a similar problem in my own blog and still can’t justify it without knowing what is causing this problem then started some research and got a nothing-worthy infographic to make sure without jumping to a particular awful conclusion.

What I found ? by asking in forum websites and contacting some successful bloggers who have years of experience came to these points.

1 Language and Country

Let’s talk first about the language if you’re wondering what could go wrong with the language.

Nothing much but from the perspective of the audience base that English content has a larger audience than other languages but to have Adsense approval make sure your desirable language list by Google Adsense.

Most of the time seen with subdomains like mine took even more time than google mentioned 6 months

Secondly Country, there are a few countries that are considered Adsense click prone if a blog is able to survive the past 6 months with a good stand can make it approved but soon can be disabled due to invalid clicks.

2 Make Sure Setup Analytics and search console

Google Analytics is an essential tool for us and googles too, it helps both to make understand the nature of traffic quality and I believe it’s a worthy tool that makes complete a blog/website.

When we talk about analytics it needs to consider the first choice for your blog visitors’ report not which is available on blogger Why?
Because the blogger stats report also counts all bots and crawlers the reason behind the gap in the stats report is if earlier someone went through it.

Search console, it’s not a requirement of introduction among bloggers and why need to be when a tool performs core functions like indexing, error report and international targeting so on and its important to set up your search console then submit robot.txt and sitemap.

3 Content with value

In every single post, you’re going write on your own blog keep in mind what difference will be made by your post all among those articles already available on the internet we do that but usually forgot about value how?

It’s a commonly known thing that everybody considers but a post create value for users when he gives an in-depth infographic using report and image or videos to explain what he wants to convey a message.

4 Plagiarism-Free Content

What is plagiarism? When someone directly copied from other web posts word to word and sometimes who is already familiar with the term use the article spinner tool which literally easily anyone sees clearly a difference.

For example:- I want you to subscribe to my YouTube channel and have a look at videos then see if it’s worth it or not.

Plagiarism Spun Text

I need you to buy my YouTube channel and examine recordings at that point to see if it’s commendable or not.

Yes, it also makes meaningless and gibberish content that is easily detectable by google panda updates and penalizes them.

5 Minimum Post and organic traffic

It’s always told a different number which made peoples stay confused but today are want to look in short and in-depth why is it.

To get AdSense approval we actually require enough content to fill your blog which represents how someone is serious about blogging and shows that the actual number is 15 to 30 posts.

When it came to qualifying for sign-up AdSense needed 10 to 20 posts and if a blog has some traffic then this process will fast-forward and easily fast able to get approval than others as mine if wanna know how I did look at the below video.


Let’s do a short revision what we need to get approval is writing enough content that should be plagiarism free with create value to users and is necessary to set up your analytics and search console.

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