How To Use LSI keywords in Your Post

LSI keywords are originally known as Latent Semantic Indexing keywords and it’s an information retrieval technique that uses semantic structure to show results.

Difference Between LSI And Long Tail keywords

There is almost every post on LSI keywords and long tail keywords where bloggers on those two keywords refer using “search-related” keywords.

There is no wonder why most people are confused and nobody gives a thought is it really LSI Keywords or long tail keywords? We can’t say it if you saw on related search is particular keywords LSI or long tail keyword because it might depend on User behavior or a variety of topics that influence search queries.

queries are semantically related to LSI which helps to search engines understand the content and index them according to the relevance of keywords while long tail keywords are extended versions of focus keywords, sometimes search engines treat them differently than another semantic keywords.

Benefits of LSI keywords

1. Increase the Number of organic search and semantic keywords
2. Fast indexing in compression to normal post
3. Search engines will Better understand that give additional boast to traffic.
4. Target untapped keywords with LSI keywords.

LSI keywords tools

It helps to find LSI keywords and there are many LSI keyword generators but I’ll list out as many as possible and my recommendation tools will be thoroughly briefed.LSI Graph – LSI keywords generator

Lsigraph is a freemium tool in the SEO market and specifically made for LSI keywords research, earlier LSIgraph used to be a free tool to access ISV score that refers to related semantic keywords that should use, or low score keywords not.

Not only is this tool limited to ISV (latent semantic value) score feature also has keyword trends, CPC (cost per click), search volume, and competition. Lsigraph have Top performing content which is unlike SERP results.

To access all features you must make to choose one of the three subscription plans basic starts at $27/month, the premium is $ 37/month, and the agency is $54/month save reports in CSV/pdf, manage reports and latest features bulk keywords data some other important features are only subscriber can utilize it.

Google keywords planner

GKP is a beast and always will be my first choice whether keyword research or LSI keyword research as we all know every keyword tool directly or indirectly uses Google data so, we can say that most updated and recent data can be accessed for free.

Whenever previously you used GKP to look for search volume and right below your desired keywords date has an idea section which is nothing else but LSI keywords.

Either way, you can extract LSI keywords by using top content creators or competitor’s landing pages that were having difficulty outranking on specific keywords.

How to use LSI keywords

Target-only related focus keywords When you going to research LSI keywords then might end up with a two or three digits number of keywords and we have to look at those has the nearest proximity to your focus keywords then there comes ISV to look at your LSI keywords.

You can include where you went but consist a few times and the same as I did on the same post your read when I was looking for LSI keywords and found “semantic keywords”.

And here you look at this image below.

After this example, you might be clear on how you can use it in a future post and LSI keywords also can be used in image alt tags, as h2 or h3 title, in your main title, in the content body, or in the footer.

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