Add an Email Subscription Form in the blogger platform

Hello friends friend, today we are talking about how you can subscribe to the subscription form, i.e., where people can subscribe to your blog by viewing email.

How will you put the subscription form on WordPress or on blogger? I will tell you both of you guys.  but how do you put it on your blog? .this form helps you a lot if you put your email in one of your sites by placing a mail in this form, then when we publish a new post, they will get one from our base.

Add Email Subscription Form in Blogger

Ok, about it, you can go and read our post. That is, whenever you publish new posts, you will get a notification through the mail. As you know, the more visits you get on the website, the more our income will be. So if it happens, then somewhere it helps to boost our income.

Add Email Subscription Form in blogger
Add Email Subscription Form in blogger.

How to add an email subscription to blogger 

If you are on the screen, let me tell you how you will get your own cheap email form to get many benefits. Now let’s start, how to add an email subscription form on blogger for free.

  •  How will we get out the subscription form by mail, then here? First, you will find the blogger. 
  • After coming to the home page here, you will get an option on your layout. 
  • If you click on the layout, you will have many options open, but you have to go where is right in the sidebar, you have to go here, and you can see it here in the sidebar.
  •  I will show you again how you people will do it here, and now, right now you get an option here, or you are right here, 
  • You have to click on the add gadget, which you will do.
  • Then you will see an option for email subscription or feed there.
  • Just click on it and create an account on the feed/email subscription form.
  • This is very simple to add an email subscription to a blogger.


You can gain quick traffic this way. It is straightforward, and your blogger traffic will be increase. They can also subscribe to the option of subscribing to email. Finally, friend, please comment by telling me if you have not subscribed to my blogger yet.

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