How to Find Brandable Domain Name For Website

Do you want to start your new blog and hope to find a Brandable Domain name? Then you are at the right place.

A good Brandable domain name always decides your business future. All big companies like Apple, Microsoft, Alibaba, and Amazon use a very unique name. Do you know why?

Because unique and simple names are always memorable on the first go. Whoever uses your services for the first time they can’t forget the name. And if your services are best then he will do mouth promotion unknowingly to others.

So for any business or website, finding a brandable domain name is the first thing on which you have to spend sometimes. 

If you also want to find a unique, brandable, and catchy domain name for your blog then in this post, I will share some websites that will help you to find a brandable domain name or generate a unique name for your website. 

So let’s see the list of Domain name generator websites.

Top 5 best Brandable Domain Name Generator websites 

There are several websites that can help you to find domain names or generate domain names for your desired keyword. But I will give you the list which I personally use to find domain names. And it gives you the freedom to select so many options from filters and get a super catchy and unique name. Just check it out.


Namelix is my first and favorite website for finding a brandable domain name. It works on Artificial Intelligence and gives you name length filters like short names, medium names, and long names and also gives name style filters like Brandable names, non-English words, misspellings, Rhyming words, multiple words, compound words, real words, etc, to generate a best brandable business names for your website.

It also shows you the domain sale status. That will let you know which domain is available and which is on sale. It is the best website and my personal recommendation for all bloggers who want to find brandable names for their website or business.

Lean Domain Search

Lean Domain Search is the best website for finding unique domain names for your business. The best feature of this website is, it gives you more than 100 names in one click and also includes your desired keyword which you have entered in the search box. You can also select your entered keyword as a prefix or suffix. It depends on you. 

The best feature of this website is when you click on the domain names it will show you a popup window. You will get information about domain availability and also show Twitter handle availability on your selected domain name. It helps you to find domain names as well as suggests you the Twitter handle. 

So this website is my second-best recommendation for all bloggers.

Domain Wheel

Domain Wheel is also the best domain name generator website and it is on 3rd rank on my list. When you enter your desired keyword in the search box it gives your 25 domain names with the available top-level domain extensions. And it also shows you extra options like sounds like rhymes and random suggestions for the domain search. 

When you click on any domain it directly redirects you to the Bluehost website. Where you can purchase a domain and host together. So it gives you the best Idea of domain names if you want to find brandable domain names.


Nameboy is also a well-known website in the field of domain name generators. On this website, you have to simply put your keywords and click on submit. It will show you plenty of domain names with available extensions. And also show the whois data for your entered keyword. If anyone has registered before that word or not. 

This website not only has a domain name generator tool. But they also provide store, blog, brand, business, podcast, startup, and youtube channel name generator tools on its website.

IsItWP – Domain Name Generator

The IsItWP website is super fast. In one click it generates more than 100 domain names. And the best part is, it generates a very short name that looks super unique and catchy. Only you have to enter your keyword and click on submit and see the magic. Even you will be confused about which one to pick. Because its all-generated name is unique and brandable.


The Panabee website is a little bit different from other websites. Here you have to enter two words in the search box and then it will mix it up and generate so many domain names based on different criteria. Here there are so many options available by which you can customize your own domain name. And create a unique name.

Instant Domain Search

This Instant domain search is also my favorite domain name generator website. It gives you more than 1000 domain names in one go. You can search here for domain names that are available for registration with extensions. You can also select your desired extension and also generate domain names. If you want to get a .com domain then it also shows which name is registered and which is available.

This website is also the best option for you to find brandable domain names.

So friends if you want to find a brandable domain name and want to start your website then these above-listed websites help you. 

I hope you like this article and it has added some value to start your blogging journey. Don’t forget to share this article with your friends on social media.


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