URL Shortener Script Free Download for WordPress And Blogger

URL Shortener Script Free Download:- A URL (Uniform Resource Locator) shortener is a website that shortens the length of your URL.

Today I will provide you the complete script to create a URL shortener website for WordPress users, that’s too for free.

What is a URL?

As you all know the full form of a URL is Uniform Resource Locator.

A URL is nothing more than the address of a given specific resource on the web.

In easy words, The address that reaches any website and web page is called the URL.

What is a URL Shortener?

A URL (Uniform Resource Locator) shortener is a Simple website that shortens the length of URLs.

URL shortener is used to reduce web page addresses to make it easier to remember URLs and to track them easily.

There are many URL shorteners in the market today, including one such as:

Bit.ly, Goog.a which converts long URLs into shorter options.

URL shortening services are based on URL redirection.

URL Shortener Tool History

Ever since the Internet began, links have been the main mode of transportation for users.

They only allow people to go from one website to another by clicking on the URL.

Unfortunately, links are often long and complex as tracking parameters are added or site structures grow to accommodate hundreds of pages.

As social media emerged, long URLs began to present a problem.

Originally, Twitter limited its posts to a maximum of 140 characters and counted each character in a link.

This meant that a long URL could take your entire tweet.

The URL shortening tool came up as a solution to this sharing problem.

Benefits of Short URLs

  • Shorter URLs provide the ability to track performance.
  • Short links make little use of your valuable characters.
  • Short links make sharing much easier.
  • You can easily share your posts on any social media platform with a short URL.
  • You can post only a few limited characters on Twitter and many websites in many places. So to give the link there, you should have a short link, and then you can use the URL shortener.
  • Short URL Helps make posts look better
  • It is great to see short URLs that you can easily paste anywhere.
  • You can easily paste short URLs anywhere because short URLs have fewer characters and long URLs have many characters.

URL Shortener Script Free Download – Create Tool website


First of all, you must have a domain name and hosting.

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because if you use free domain and hosting, you will not get approval from Ad Sense.

Whatever domain name you take, you should take very few words if you want to have a .com domain, then you should take names like uly.com, and shrt.com, gently.in etc…

The last one is the URL shortener tool Script.

I am providing a URL shortener tool script to all of you, That’s too for free—download the URL Shortener website. The download link is below..Please wait 15 seconds.

Server 1

Click here for Download

Server 2

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