The Ultimate Guide to Becoming a Successful Blogger

Friends, if you are also into Blogging and want to make Blogging your future, then you will have to put in both hard work and smart work for it.

Start Blogging Today and Make Unlimited Money

“Friends, as far as earning is concerned, there’s nothing better than Blogging. Many people are earning really well through blogging. If you also want to earn, you need to choose a niche that you are passionate about and if you don’t want to choose a niche, you can also do mixed blogging.

Blogging is a field with a lot of competition in today’s time, but its scope will always remain because readers will never run out, whether it’s for YouTube or any other apps that come up like YouTube.

To become a successful blogger, you don’t need to take any courses. Yes, if you’ve already decided to make a career out of blogging and want to advance in it, you can learn SEO from YouTube.

You will find everything related to blogging on YouTube. You can easily learn from YouTube as well. If you prefer learning through reading, you can find many best topics related to SEO and blogging on our blog.

Along with that, you’ll find many videos on YouTube where people share their success stories in a specific niche. They say, ‘We made good money by blogging on this topic, and you can too.’ However, you don’t need to ask anyone for a topic. You just need to know your interests and where you have more knowledge and experience.

Become a Successful blogger today

Quality Content

Today, I will tell you how you can become a great blogger. First and foremost, you need to set a clear goal. To start blogging, you need to be fully prepared because you won’t achieve success in 5-10 days. It might take you 5-10 months, and you’ll need to write quality content that isn’t readily available on the internet so that your website can attract more visitors.

Keep your Confidence High

Most people start blogging but give up midway because they feel their website isn’t getting enough traffic or it’s not growing. People post for 1-2 months on their website, but when it doesn’t grow, their confidence drops. You shouldn’t do that. Once you decide to start blogging, you should keep going consistently without giving up.

Research Topics/Keywords by Yourself

Work on your blog consistently for 5-6 months, and you will definitely attract visitors to your blog. This is based on my personal experience. Don’t fall for the influence of others telling you what topics to write about. Do your own research and start writing on the topics you have researched. In the beginning, don’t think about making money, forget about earning for about a year, and only after a year, apply for Google AdSense.

Do Not Apply for AdSense Without Traffic

Many people make the mistake of rushing to get approval for Google AdSense. They apply for AdSense when they have only 25-30 posts on their blog and start thinking about earning. However, I want to tell you that having 25-30 posts won’t make a difference. Your website needs traffic. Even if you have 25-30 posts and AdSense approval, how will you earn if your website doesn’t have traffic? So, avoid making this mistake.

Invest in a Quality Hosting and Domain

One major mistake people make is trying to save money on their website’s domain and hosting. If you want to earn, you must invest in a good domain and hosting. If you can’t do this, then don’t start blogging at all. Because the first step in blogging is having a domain and hosting.

If you’re serious about starting blogging, don’t use Blogger. It won’t benefit you. You need to spend only around 1500 to 2000 rupees per year for web hosting and domain in the beginning.

Just like how you invest money to start any business, here too you need to spend only 2000 rupees for a year. You can get a .com domain from Godaddy for around 500 rupees for a year. For hosting, you can use Hostkarle or Hostinger. In my experience, Hostkarle is the best. I have been using Hostkarle’s hosting for the past year. You can buy hosting from Hostkarle using the link provided below.

Always Find Trending Topics

And the most important thing is topics. You need to search for trending topics for your blogging, which you can find by searching on Google. You must be familiar with Google Trends; you can use that as well. You can also find trending topics by following news and Twitter, and then write blog posts on those topics to further advance your blogging career. You can also find topics for yourself by searching for keywords. For keyword research, Google Keyword Planner is the best tool for beginners.

Always Use Long Tail Keywords

Whenever you write a blog post on any topic or keyword on your website, you should not use one or two-word keywords. You should use long-tail keywords. This will improve your blog’s ranking and help your written topics rank faster on Google. If you write an article on a single-word keyword, the chances of your topic ranking are lower. However, if you use long tail keywords, you will rank on Google faster and get good traffic as well.


Friends, while you can indeed earn good money through blogging, it’s not as easy as it might seem. You will need to put in a lot of hard work, and you might have to work without any significant earnings for about a year. Only then can you achieve success in blogging. If you rush things, you’ll never truly succeed, and your interest in blogging might also fade quickly. If you want to maintain your interest, you need to approach blogging with dedication. Following the advice I’ve shared with you carefully, you will surely find success in blogging.

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