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Toolkit for Facebook which is the extension of chrome has many extra features of FB. Get premium Facebook social toolkit software for free here, These days everyone uses the social platform and shares his experience with others and enjoys with others. Facebook is the most popular social platform for sharing content on the internet.FB chrome extension online free download here.

On Facebook where many people enjoy interesting content there, people get pro by digital marketing. Toolkit for Facebook extension or software requires sharing your content with a large audience.

To get more and more engagement and likes and shares Facebook social toolkit is required. Because we cannot send one post to millions of people by clicking the share button. It takes a lot of time. Then the solution is to use some toolkit that makes our work easy.

You can get

  • Facebook social toolkit software
  • The toolkit for Facebook Google Chrome

A Toolkit for a Facebook chrome extension

This Toolkit for a Facebook extension can be used for any purpose. It may be good or bad. So be careful before using this tool. Because there is a risk of using this tool. So use it at your own risk. I will be not responsible for anything.

Before we start our topic we should learn some about a toolkit for Facebook. So let’s start

What is Toolkit for Facebook?

Fb social toolkit Is a software or chrome extension which helps to solve our problems in a minute. They can share our posts with a lot of groups at once with just one click. This is very simple and easy.

Toolkit for Facebook is an online application that consists of a lot of useful features that help you a lot in sharing your website and promoting a post to many people to attract them to click on your post.

For example, if we want to share our post with millions of people then we share it with groups one by one but this tool can do this automatically.

How to get Facebook social toolkit premium for free

I have a Facebook social toolkit premium for free you can get it from here and it is free and have premium features. But this tool works only on computers/Laptops.

How to download the toolkit for Facebook

You can download it from the most popular website which gives you a toolkit for Facebook like a pilot posted, Facebook poster, etc.

How to install toolkit for Facebook

It’s very simple and easy. These types of software work only on pc and not for android devices. Just click on a software and follow the instructions and your software will install automatically.

Features of FB Toolkit

There are a lot of features of a toolkit for Facebook. Some of them are blown.

  • You can unlike All Facebook pages at once
  • Unfriend all with a single click
  • Unfollow all friends with one click
  • Delete comments from all posts at once
  • Delete all friend’s requests with one click
  • Groups can unfollow with one click
  • Facebook Pages likes can be removed
  • Promote your group or Facebook page very easily
  • No need to pay for promoting
  • Easy to use
  • Facebook ID can be extracted easily
  • Invite all your friends to like the page
  • Invite friends to join the group easily
  • Accept a bundle of requests easily
  • Videos on Facebook can be downloaded
  • And Much More

Premium Features of Toolkit for Facebook

Premium features of a toolkit of facebook have many extra features than the free version. It has very interesting and amazing features that can increase your website revenue with this tool.

  1. Facebook ID Extract

With the help of the Facebook toolkit, you can extract the Facebook id of any page to run an ad campaign very easily

  1. Group Email Extract

The social toolkit for FB gives you the option of extracting a group’s email so that you can send or promote your products by sending emails.

  1. Friend Email extract

With the help of a social toolkit for Facebook, you can extract emails from any person to promote your article very easily.

  1. Phone Number of Facebook Friends

With the help of Toolkit for Facebook or Google chrome extension, you can extract the phone numbers of Facebook friends to send them your links via simple SMS.

5. Many Other Features

The Fb toolkit gives you a lot of features that make your life easy. These features of Facebook may be Google chrome extension or FB social software.

FB Toolkit extension for google chrome

I am providing you with a useful google chrome extension for the FB social toolkit to get extra features of Fb. This extension is the same as desktop software. It gives you all these features which are also available on software.

And another important and interesting thing is that this tool is easy to use on the google chrome extension than on pc software.
Download this chrome extension from here

Recommended Software for the social feature of a Facebook

Download this software from here. The tool I am providing you is a real and original tool and gives you a lot of features for free. But the problem is that this software works only on windows, not mobiles.

Download toolkit extension FB by Plugex software from here


These are the original and real links and 100% work for your Facebook account.


In the end, I want to say that I, use the google chrome extension for Facebook only for legal purposes. If you use this tool for any illegal purpose I will not be responsible. But this tool gives you amazing and many interesting features for free. If you need some help then you can tell me.

Thanks for reading this article’s write every article interesting and useful.

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