MilesWeb Vs HostGator Hosting Which One is Best for Beginners

Are you also confused between MilesWeb Hosting and HostGator Hosting? Well, don’t worry at all. Today, we will provide you with information about the features, plans, and many other things related to both hosting services.

To run a website smoothly, you must have excellent hosting because reputable and good web hosting companies offer you premium features and new functionalities with your hosting plans. This allows you to easily customize your website and avoid any issues with your website.

If you are using free hosting, you won’t get many features, and there are often several limitations. For instance, you might not even get an SSL certificate with free hosting, as these are premium features. Without these essential features, your website won’t rank well on Google.

Choosing a web hosting company that provides you with optimal features is crucial for building a scalable website. This is even more important if you have a startup business. A website gives you global reach, allowing you to expand your business.

Today, I’ll provide you with a quick review of MilesWeb and HostGator hosting, so you can better understand whether to choose to host from MilesWeb or HostGator.

MilesWeb Vs HostGator Hosting: Which One is Best for Beginners

Choosing a great and affordable hosting for your website is crucial. If you’re looking for the best, cost-effective, and feature-rich web hosting, today I will introduce you to two such hosting companies – MilesWeb and HostGator Hosting. Both of these hosting companies offer good hosting services at a reasonable price, along with several advanced features to easily customize your website. If you’re interested in finding out which hosting is better and more affordable for your website, read the MilesWeb Vs HostGator Hosting review below.

MilesWeb Hosting Short and Quick Overview

MilesWeb is a reputable, excellent, and well-known web hosting company based in India. It was established in India in 2012 and has been providing its clients with top-notch hosting services at affordable prices. It’s a trustworthy hosting company with headquarters in Maharashtra, India, and its servers are located not only in India but also in several other countries.

With every hosting plan, MilesWeb provides you with a free website builder, allowing you to create your website in just a few minutes. Additionally, if you’re interested in WordPress hosting, cloud hosting, VPS hosting, reseller hosting, or dedicated servers, MilesWeb offers them all at competitive prices.

Since it’s an Indian hosting company, its servers are based in India, ensuring an uptime of 99.9%. Plus, being an Indian company, you can access support in Indian languages.

MilesWeb offers you 24/7 support, 365 days a year, and a 30-day money-back guarantee.

HostGator Hosting Short and Quick Overview

HostGator is an international hosting company that was founded by Brent Oxley in 2002. Since then, HostGator has experienced significant growth and gained a reputation for providing excellent service to its clients, earning its place among the top hosting companies in the world. Being an international company, its headquarters are located in Texas, USA.

In 2012, HostGator launched its services in India, expanding its presence in Asia alongside its servers in the United States and also in India and Singapore. This expansion allows HostGator to cater to clients in Asia as well. HostGator offers a variety of hosting services globally, including Shared hosting, VPS hosting, Reseller hosting, and Dedicated servers.

HostGator provides fast servers with an uptime of 99.9%, ensuring reliable performance for your website.

MilesWeb Hosting Plans

MilesWeb offers shared hosting plans starting from 40 Rs per month up to 170 Rs per month. If your website isn’t too large, then the shared hosting plan could be a great fit for your needs. As MilesWeb is an Indian hosting company, you can make payments using Indian payment methods.

A standout feature of MilesWeb’s plans is that when you renew your hosting, it will be renewed at the same price as your initial purchase. There are no extra charges when renewing your hosting. You can renew your hosting at the same price you initially purchased it for.

HostGator Hosting Plans

Although HostGator’s hosting plans are a bit more expensive, the hosting service provided by this company is also of high quality. When it comes to their hosting plans, HostGator offers separate plans for HostGator International and HostGator India.

If you look at HostGator India’s web hosting plans, they are relatively more expensive. Comparing them to MilesWeb’s plans, HostGator India’s shared hosting plans start from 149 Rs and go up to 399 Rs. These plans are quite expensive, and even their cheapest plan seems to have fewer features. HostGator India allows you to make payments using Indian payment methods. However, for HostGator International, you’ll need to make payments using a credit card.

HostGator International Hosting Plans

However, when we talk about HostGator International, their shared hosting plans start from $2.75 and go up to $5.25. Even in their most affordable plan, they offer premium features. Additionally, if you’re looking for a 65% discount on your plan, you can use the coupon code (THEBESTDEAL21). If you have a credit card or PayPal, you can consider purchasing hosting from HostGator International. However, if you don’t have those payment methods, you can opt for MilesWeb hosting.

MilesWeb Hosting Features

  1. Free Domain
  2. SSD Disk Space Unlimited
  3. SubDomains Unlimited
  4. Free Website Builder
  5. Unlimited Bandwidth
  6. Host Unlimited Website
  7. 1 Click Installer
  8. Email Account Unlimited
  9. Instant Account Setup
  10. Malware Protection
  11. Free SSL Certificate
  12. 99.9% UpTime
  13. 24/7 Support
  14. 30-Day Money Back Guarantee

HostGator Hosting Features

  1. FREE 1-year domain registration
  2. One-click WordPress Installs
  3. FREE Website Builder
  4. FREE website & domain transfers
  5. Bandwidth Unlimited
  6. Disk space Unlimited
  7. 45-day money-back guarantee
  8. FREE SSL certificate
  9. FREE Unlimited email
  10. Unlimited Subdomain
  11. 99.9% UpTime
  12. 24/7 Support


Friends, both hosting companies provide good hosting services, and both have servers in India, offering a 99.9% uptime guarantee. However, if you are a beginner and have just started or are planning to start your blogging journey, and you don’t want to spend too much on hosting, then MilesWeb hosting is better for you. Here, you’ll get a free domain along with your hosting, and the hosting itself is quite affordable.

On the other hand, for a new blogger, I don’t think HostGator is a bad choice either. Although its plans are slightly more expensive, the service is excellent. So, I’ve provided you with information about both hosting companies, and now it’s up to you to decide which hosting company suits your needs best.

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