How To Get 1000 Subscribers on Youtube [Unbelievable Secrets]

It’s not probably a job that can be done in one day at least for a new YouTube channel, Getting 1000 subscribers on YouTube is one of the hurdles which comes in way of monetization, and necessary to continue the journey and finish on time if fail to do that then soon come a time to close the channel.

A human being required necessary things to survive in this world like food, shelter, and clothes, and in the same way, to survive in the taught competition you have to eagerly look for opportunities.

opportunities always come for those who analyze and give quick right responses without crossing their categories like a digital marketing YouTuber can’t make a video on the latest smartphone launches and reviews.

I believe if Properly executed then it’s not going to take more than 2 months that’s right !  and lots of times you must hear that or do some research on how much time took your favorite YouTuber to complete his first 1000 subscribers.

It completely depends on one person to another person’s experience and how much you learn from it and experiences come with time and big numbers of videos.

1. Is really content king?

A YouTube channel on his lifetime views gets only one percent of the subscriber of total number of views to have more subscribers we need to increase the level of smart work with clever ideas that have to be different but marvelous.

How many times did read or heard from your favorite YouTuber in reality, it’s one hundred percent true, and content quality is not something using an expensive camera or video editing software.

There is a single narrow line that divides a video going get viewers, like, share, and Ultimates thing subscribers and lots of subscribers, whenever you come to an idea to create a video please go and do a simple search on YouTube, and Here I am going tell you the secret of big YouTuber who earn as you can imagine too.

in real means this post is starting from this point in time, Now you have an idea let’s say and I assume too just for explaining how this works.

My idea is to create a video with the same title as this post and if make a search on How to Get 1000 subscribers on YouTube then What I observe ( by searching on the same results can be different according to geographical location )

I am taking the first three videos of the search only to explain and First and the second video was posted 6 months ago both of them having half of the number of views the third video was 3 months old having half the views the second number video.

Now at this point in time, we are clear that this topic is something to make on it but keep in mind your not going to get the same number of views or more until you make any difference with engaging content.

2. Less Competitive Topic: Does it works?

When starting a YouTube channel having a low number of subscribers means a low audience, You Always a YouTuber prefer to rank in first place video on search result and rank on first palace depends on lots of factors that are always unpredictable and undiscovered or might be ignored.

These factors are YouTube channel Age and subscribers, total views, average monthly new subscribers, likes and shares, etc major factors most of the time are considered by YouTube but actually, there is more than this factor measured by YouTube.

We have to get more and more subscribers a less competitive topic easily ranks on YouTube but must use a keyword research tool to know the expected monthly search on YouTube.

keywords research tools for YouTube there are lots of tools available some are paid and others are free tools. Keywords research paid tool websites are Semrush, Moz, keyword tool, etc, and free keyword tools are Keywords everywhere ( its plugin which can be used for YouTube, Google, Amazon, Bing, etc), keyword tool ( this is a freemium website) and Ubersuggest.

3. Description: Multiple keywords targeting and How? 

let’s start with a description, at least you have experience with tube buddy and VidiQ these two plugins are recommended by SEO gurus but actually when you upload a video and analysis by any plugin then every time mark Checked sign until add at least 3 or 5 keywords top of the description.

In reality, never got expected what reason you wanna know because it is an old trick with works great according to their time but now it’s outdated if you still using it then most of the time YouTube penalty your video.

This was now Known as keyword spamming where add unnecessary keywords and there is a relation between a tag and a description like an article or you searched phrase of words in Google.

A description should be a summary of your video in this order first why is created means reason then what the viewer gonna find it and little about 100 words where use the main keyword of your video.

4. Tags:- A Ranking technique

Tags are also known as keywords, As more likely tags are found most of the time putting in the wrong manner and a tag should be added manually rather than any tag manager or other plugin.

Putting tags in YouTube videos should be a smart strategy not just like that andaA Strategie decided upon competition.

if the majority of using short tags ( How to, cook, soup) then use broad tags ( How to cook soup), and other than using of tags can be done both mixes.

Always use primary keywords first then others, don’t try to use 500 words tags because YouTube can sue the video a penalty results Less promotion means a low number of views.

Side-by-Side technique

This method is named for me and I use it with help of a keyword research tool, the Most appropriate tool would be the Keywords Everywhere plugin. when competition is high and unable to rank the video on the first page, High competition means a huge number of Searches on the same topic then go YouTube search bar and type the main keyword only not the whole ( Best laptops ).

YouTube search bar

These suggested keywords also have a huge number of searches but use any one of them as the main keyword.

Now click on each and every suggested keyword one by one if see any keywords with low competition then go for it somehow answer is No then hold up here and Scroll down until related videos are on the same keywords. this related is main keywords is used but the topic is a different meanwhile higher number of chances low competition and gains instant subscribers.

5. Consistent Upload

Number plays a huge role for any YouTube channel from a small to become a big brand. whenever a YouTube channel crosses a million (10 lakh) subscribers it’s no anymore a channel rather than a brand, a brand that has a fan following means fame, and fame bring in modern world money.

A YouTube channel that uploads consistent video with proper research and has a fixed period of time that clearly shows YouTube promote them more and otherwise inconsistent YouTube video uploads channel.

Hump Method

Viewers and subscriber hump or jump this thing literally known by everyone but never taken seriously and there is always a fixed period of time, maybe uploading of video, a festival season, because of Google and any reason behind it, let me explain more briefly.

There is a big jump in a number of viewers sometimes, right? everything happen to have a reason behind it, just you need to figure it out, and maybe you create a trending video with the right keyword research and thumbnail so on and therefore.

this is what triggers your channel to make it viral keep repeating those things when a new channel started uploading videos that is one of the taught jobs is to get views then time passes your videos started ranking and increasing in the number of subscribers.

At that time keep going with movement consistent quality content and create a schedule where upload videos.

6. Keep Engage viewers

A Viewer who is finding a video on “how to create robot.txt file” where search results come upon him then taps on the first video and after watching and suddenly Goes back after that he exit from YouTube even found useful rather than subscribing to a particular channel this thing which happens with everyone on YouTube.

At the point of time when a unique viewer watching a robot.txt video if ask him to check out this video were how to rank no.1 on Google or something which can relate to the topic or category then there is a probability increase instead quitting youtube.

  1. is what what you need to know to get more subscriber?

    My answer Not at all, This is one of the method which still works great .

  2. What about those viewers who already subscribed to your channel and how to engage them to stay with the channel?

    In the video may be as your preference to ask new viewers in starting of the video and at the end of the video ask them which topic they want a new video by giving some options.

 It’s recommend that instead of making a long video make it in parts where each topic have the decent number of search so we don’t need to depend solely on some viewers.

Generally, an interesting videos were has good engagement (which can be checked in the analytics section) then people gonna love a series or parts of the video to stay tuned with the channel.

7. Forums Means Instead Subscribers

Forums are definitely a good source dive lots of viewers to your YouTube channel that’s still works great in 2019 Google insight says The traffic comes from the Forum websites so your websites have a low bounce rate than other sources like Direct search.

But How the bounce rate related to your YouTube channel?

A Bounce rate is When a person visits particular website from some random source and jumped back spending time less than a minute.
Now here think about this kind of visitors watching your channel video at the same time which means video time is very low and it is bad.

why ? because YouTube never promotes those videos watch time has lower than in the same category or going to rank on YouTube.

How to use forums [The Right Method]

Generally, we hear about it this word Forums and visit any forums website to start answering questions by linking back to YouTube videos or websites.

but ask yourself it’s the right method, how many other people going to view the same question, and ultimately what will be the Conversation rate?

Nope, this is not the right Method, most probably max one hundred views on the question but will click on your video link?

Most people don’t click on links in forums because they look for the direct answers and very rarely going rank in google until hundreds of people answer the same question including a few factors.

Now, You need to be very selective in answering questions their are many sites available but i use personally forum websites are Quora and Reddit. truth be this website is enough to get traffic which can down any website.

Here suppose you made a video on this keyword “How to Get 1000 subscribers on YouTube”  after creating an account on the forum website then open in a new tab and search in Google “Keyword+Forum website name“.

From the very first page results start answering questions why? because if you scroll down to the bottom there have nearly Hundreds of answers and thousands of answer views or more that depend on topic and this answer view one of my answers.

Quora stats report

How to Answer forum questions?

let me explain by the previous question where I answered a question having very good views with a good conversation rate (Almost 49 Percent) and Engagement is also high. the answer should not be written very long or short at least have one hundred words with a proper explanation.

Quora answer

if notice the first line is written positively then their cons where the cons should highlight ( forgotten to Do that ) at the end give the link as shown without asking to click the link ( just write what you have done).

8.  Do some cleaning 

Do some house cleaning yourself to get right now that Choosey subscriber.

A subscriber always look for quality YouTube channel which helps him get on particular decision-making right!

If A video is not performing well on YouTube and even not able 1k views then make it private or delete it because YouTube is not promoting anymore may be reason can be different.

How to know which should video take action?

It’s easy job looks at the date when the published video and its views then compare it with other videos and also consider the last 28 days’ performance of a video.

it’s enough time to make any assumption about it and it’s okay some videos performs better than expected and other do not.

9.  5 mint +  Videos

YouTube it’s one of the considered of the main factors for video and if you notice YouTube promotes those long videos.

Reason:- YouTube wants to viewer stick with the website and a short video means less profitability and low engagement if a video is a long duration after watching a viewer watches the next video from the same YouTube channel that gives positive singles with those viewers has highly probably turn them into subscribers.

Don’t Compromise with quality

From starting when we heard about long videos work best then start to make them without acknowledging our content if I want to make a short video that means having a short topic to explain.

instead of making it longer by adding some gibberish things that occur less interest to viewers and they start to skip your video means less engagement in the video.

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