Happy New Year Whatsapp Viral Event Blogging Script Free Download

The new year is about a month left but worry not we got the latest new year script for bloggers which is free to everyone.

How to Use New Year Script

Step 1. To get started you need to have this new year script which can be downloaded by clicking on the below download button.

Step 2. it redirects to all festival wishing scripts afterward select the new year script will open a drive where she can click the download button to get the script.

Step 3. Create a new blog with a unique URL then consider to setup a domain from freedom or any other free domain website.

Step 4. Open notepad ++ or any code editor then replace the old URL button URL with your blog URL.

Step 5. Copy all script code to blogger theme and click on edit them before any further select second can tempo theme.

Step 6. Scroll bottom click reverts to classic then again revert to classic and make sure to turn off a header.

Step 7. Now paste your copied code and click on the save button hold a few seconds until she successfully saved then go to the homepage and give a shot of whether it’s working or not.

Step 8. If working great then move to the next forward which is getting approval from propeller ads then place ads in the script where want seen ads.

Download to Use Happy New Year Script


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