Everything You Should Know About YouTube

YouTube Play buttons or Youtube Creator Awards are provided to YouTube channel owners who pass a certain number of subscribers and Every single milestone is already set with a few exception policies made by YouTube.

YouTube holds rights toward rewarding a particular channel if A youtube channel does not get any awards then consider never going get any YouTube play buttons these are the exemptions or things prevent to get Play buttons which are changes made in policy a few times back ago for more click here.

YouTube Play Button Lists

Earlier these awards only known as the total number of available awards are three for youtube creators until a few YouTube channels made a big achievement and the rest is history.

1. Silver Play Button:-

This award is given when a youtube channel surpassed 100,000 subscribers.

what is special about this play button?

 This silver play button is the first award you’re going to receive as creators awards and it’s the first award which Youtube introduce for its creators to appreciate hard work already three times youtube changed its design, colour and size.

To give personal touch YouTube embedded your YouTube channel logo and name with written the message “congrats for surpassing 100,000 Subscribers”.

2. Gold Play Button:- When a channel surpasses 1 million subscribers then this award is rewarded to the owner and facts every single day four channel claim their gold play button.

4. Custom creators Awards:- those youtube channels that crossed the 50 million subscribers milestone are rewarded and six-channel surpassed this number, next channels are WWE, Justin Bieber, Dube perfect zee music company so on.

In fact, PewDiePie was the first who surpass 50 million subscribers but also the first channel who surpass 20 million subscribers.

5. Red Diamond Creator Award:- for those channels that surpass 100 million subscribers and currently own two YouTube channels you name it. Fact part least one or two years will be taken to reach this milestone for any YouTube channel.

Subscriber milestones and benefits

A YouTube channel subscriber milestone surpasses are rewarded with benefits, it availed not in physical form rather than subsequently like custom URL and enable super chat features.

100 Subscriber as a channel Crosses then you can have two features below:-

1.  Now you have A channel custom URL and

2. Also you can use the live stream feature from your mobile app but required a verified account with no live stream restriction for the past 90 days period.

Opal, 1000 subscribers can Enable two features  alongside three benefits for creators are

1. First One which everyone waits to enable is the monetization tab and of course, it requires other conditions are 4000 hours of watch time with adhering to YouTube policies.

2. Super chat feature also enables which is literally one of the major sources of YouTuber earnings and you get live feedback during Livestream with some donation money.

•  Creators Day  Allow an opportunity to meet and gain knowledge with other YouTube creators.

• Now a can visit YouTube space and their workshop activities happening near you.

• Come by a local meet-up for knowing local creator’s to grow with them your channel.

5000 Subscriber:- As a youtube channel surpass this milestone after that Add a credit role who appeared in the video and you can tag other channels or companies.

A credit role is something where the material used in video making, a person shown in the video and other persons contribute in the video easily you can give their credit to some respect their work.

Why Your Not getting YouTube Play Button

There was a time when youtube automatically sends play buttons to the owner but after a constant finding of policy and community guidelines specific violations.

Those things force us to take serious steps to encounter this problem in the future instance introducing changes in policy to rewards by physically reviewing YouTube channels.

Those channel owners have Not received yet the play button after the completion of milestones or might not go receive it because of the below new criteria.

1. Your YouTube channel should Have “Quality Content”.

2. There Has not to have copyright claim when you’re channel reaches or surpassed subscribers’ milestones.

3. YouTube Community guidelines should not be violated by your channel are following below:-

A ) Any Kind of Nudity: youtube states that this platform in place for this kind of content nor Supports it in any manner even if it belongs to you then don’t publish and they can take necessary action with law enforcement against the owner.

B )  Hurtful or Dengrous content: Especially those videos which provoke to perform a dangerous act like actions
especially in the case of children which could lead to prison and in most countries, this is an offence.

C ) Hateful Content: Google products are available for freedom of expression but if any videos are found then Google doesn’t support or promote them by any means.

hateful content should not be for any single or group of people opposing violence on the bases of colour, religion, origin, disability, gender and age etc.

those content mainly purpose of abuse in the stated above features then it crosses all bounders.

D ) Misleading or scam content: It’s not good for any channel to post videos with the misleading titles, tags, descriptions and thumbnails to unethically gain views and that is totally considered misleading or spam by focusing on a large audience but not suitable for your video.

4. Your YouTube channel should be as instructed in YouTube’s Terms of services.

In short Term of service is legally binding between a company that provides a service and a person or group of persons using their services. 

The agreement between both parties states that a user of their services is agreed upon terms of service.

5. Content should be original and it must be created or made by yourself or your team, any content which is available other than YouTube shall consider copied content.

YouTube recently Stated it has the freedom to decide upon who receives plaques, YouTube creator awards are given when a channel reaches on subscriber milestone but Certain nature of YouTube channels is not received as currently reported by a few creators.

it’s still unclear what is that nature but now this matter came under YouTube review let’s see how the results came and you can check out this Google forum thread.

How to Redeem YouTube play buttons

To redeem your first play button required to surpass certain subscribers milestone then within one week going see a notification in your channel dashboard before that a team review as discussed above.

Congrats on reaching this milestone that notification includes a code which helps to get an award on the creator’s redemption website.

Most probably award going to reach you in around 3 weeks and sometimes takes a long time according to your location.


Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)


1. Can a Youtuber See who Disliked Video?

Answer: In short No, YouTubers can’t see who Disliked their video and even who likes their Youtube video but if a YouTuber set notification who subscribes to his channel then probably has a subscribers list.

2.  Is being a YouTuber a good idea?

Answer: Probably it’s a good idea to be Youtuber because probably as YouTuber you’re going to receive lots of perks but not always and it depends upon your choice of what kind of videos you are going to make.

3. How can be i Successful as YouTuber?

Answer: just start making a video then see where it goes wrong, try again with a new video including the last video learning and one day you’ll get desirable results most of the time going to be frustrating that time need have some. patience

4. How can I make a viral video on YouTube?

Answer: Making Viral videos that give lots of views, likes and ultimately subscribers currently there is no Guaranteed recipe available because from my precipitation these factors play are core for any viral video:- 1. Timing, 2. Quality and 3. Audience reaction.

5. How to Grow a YouTube channel?

Answer:  To Grow a YouTube channel required Continues Growth in Subscriber Number and video views which can be countered with this method.

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