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Friends, as I mentioned to you in the previous post about the Flyout website, if your blog receives monthly traffic of 1000-2000, then you can take sponsorships on your website and earn a very good income. If you haven’t read that post, I’ll provide the link below, so you can go and read it.

Flyout Sponsored Post on your Website

By adding your website on Flyout, you don’t need to do any research to write sponsored posts here. Once your website is verified on Flyout and you receive approval from them, you will start receiving offers for sponsored posts. You will be provided with the written posts, and you just need to publish those posts on your website. You can also earn $100-200 for each post.

On Flyout, it doesn’t matter whether your website has been approved for AdSense or not. Whether you have AdSense approval or not, you can still earn a good income every month by writing sponsored posts on Flyout.

In the previous post, I provided you with some information about Flyout. In today’s post, I will explain how you can connect Flyout to your Google Analytics. You just need to follow some very simple steps, and your Flyout account will be connected to analytics.

After adding your website to Flyout, it’s crucial to connect Flyout with your Google Analytics. This is important because only then will Flyout have access to information about your website’s traffic, and only then will you receive approval from Flyout.

Today, I will guide you step by step on how to connect Flyout to Google Analytics. So, please read this post attentively to the end.

How To Connect Google Analytics to Account

Step 1: After you have added your website to Flyout, you need to click on “Verify GA.

Step 2: Then you will receive an email with a code. You need to copy that code.

Step 3: Next, you have to log in to your Google Analytics account and click on the “admin/setting” option.

Step 4: After that, you need to locate the “Property User Management” option and click on it.

Step 5: After clicking on “Property User Management,” a page will open in front of you. There, you need to click on the add (+) option.

Step 6: Then, select “Add User.

Step 7: Next, paste the email address that you copied from Flyout into the “Enter Email Address” field. After that, scroll down and tick the “Read and Analyze” option, then scroll up and click on the “Add” option.

Step 8: Then, go back to the Flyout website, and below the place where you copied the Flyout email ID, there will be an option for “Validate.” Click on that option. Your Google Analytics account has now been successfully connected to Flyout.

Now you need to wait for 24-48 hours. If your website has good traffic and quality content, you will receive approval for your website. Once approved, you will start receiving sponsored post opportunities.

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